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Too many "unreal" reality survival shows.

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    Originally posted by tomcelroy View Post
    Not sure if Im opening myself to a bunch of hate\ For what its worth.....

    Thanks for your input. I guess we should have already known that a lot is done in the editing. You aren't the first person I have heard tell this side of things.

    As savvy as we hope to be, we watch a show and fall right in...... My friend just did ALONE. His insights have been interesting.

    I have a bit of dirt time too, but I don't think I would fare well with the "producers" either. I tend to be too blunt, and too honest for some folks.....

    Anyway, thanks so much for posting. Glad to hear from someone who knows what it is like on the other side of the camera.
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      Cool, thanks for that.


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        Originally posted by tomcelroy View Post
        Not sure if Im opening myself to a bunch of hate, someone added me to this thread... but i did an episode of N&A, what they dont show you is how many situations are set-up to fail. Ive been studying/teaching survival for 20 years, and i never would say I am an expert by any means. That said...I would say that I know my sh#t. The things they didnt tell me is that we would be limited to an area that was no bigger than 1/4 mile square, that there were cows walking around everywhere, that the area had been overhunted to a point where I did not see a single track of an animal (even in the mud) the entire time. I gathered edible plants every day, ate large snails, roasted tons of grasshoppers, caught fish in a fish trap, made a shelter out of stripped bark, made a chimney inside the shelter, found 5 different amazing plants for making cordage, climbed trees and hiked, clay baked frog legs and covered every inch of the allowable area.. None of this was shown. Rather they showed my partner complaining that I was ignoring her. I know it sounds like BS excuses, but what is shown on that show is not what really happens, some things are faked to make people look good but more often things are faked to make people look like skill-less ass clowns. They kept trying to get me to talk bad about my partner, who did very little, but I refused. This pissed them off so they trashed me on the show. Take it for what it is, it was a pretty impossible situation given the temperature, geographic restrictions and the lack of any game animals. After talking to others from the show this is typical, that one dude did not get sick from mushrooms and some people killed and ate snakes the entire time..none of it was fact what was shown was that they burned the snakes "so bad that they were inedible" (?). Anyway, my crew called a week before-hand to let me know that they screwed me. It was a bad choice on my part to work with them and unfortunately i signed a contract so I couldnt defend myself on air. Anyway, you can check out my youtube channels to see that I do have a lot of skills under my belt. I dont want to make it all about excuses, as a survivalist I do believe that you can be humbled in any situation and things can go wrong--which they did. I also agree that MANY of the people that do those shows have no background or dirt-time. For what its worth.....

        some of the preppers on DoomsDay Preppers say the same thing .... all edited to look stupid as hell .... if you and your prepping plan isn't outrageous to start - no return calls ....

        tell the producers you are building an ark in the backyard and collecting animals - you'll have a helicopter on your GPS coordinates in an hour


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          when so called survival experts lie about Military service what do you's TV....Fame and Fortune come before telling the truth.....


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            tomcelroy: Thank you for your input. I think we all realize it is television, and the producers are going to make what they think is an interesting show. We all look for some helpful things that might assist in the future.

            I think it is safe to say you would not be setting yourself up for any hate mail from this site. Everybody is respectful, and open to the opinion of others. Please post more, and share your experience. We would all love to learn.
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              It never fails to amuse me the so called "trained" survivalist on Naked and Afraid are far from such. I see a lack of fire making skills (how can one only use the striker on a magnesium stick and not shave material off to assist the spark), haphazard traps set in the wrong places and the big thing...making a weather proof shelter when you in a area that gets mass rain. Not to mention building a shelter in a flood zone. They always cry about sore feet....Excuse me but where is the bushcraft to fashion a set of wood sandals or even use materials at hand to weave clothing or matting. Granted they have 14-40 days in the bush and making such items requires considerable time but is not out of the question.

              Then we have people like Bear Grylls who is a joke at best. Les Stroud who definately a winner and Matt Graham. Having been to a Cody Lundin seminar he is in the know also but very arrogant and looks down on those he schools and geeesus..I want to see him last a week barefoot in sub zero temps. Not happening. Another big thing is water processing. They have fire but no container. Quite obvious it either scripted in or they just do not know of the method of building a fire on a fallen log...hollowing it out and filling with water and hot stones to boil it. Or digging a seep well next to a water source to filter out debris. Much less use the very charcoal from the log to further filter the water. Unlike some of the reality programs that actually teach a tid bit or two they mostly show you what NOT to do and teach nothing.


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                best thing we can do is just ignore them; the shows are constructed and portrayed to garner watchers, to generate debates on FB and other forums. Every time we bring it up, it generates more interest. Not sure if it's good or bad, but gratefully I've never watched one of these shows, couldn't really give an opinion, haven't debated 'em on FB.............actually don't even have FB. If it looks like a pile of dog ##@!, smells like a pile of dog *&*#, I don't think I have to taste it, to confirm it really is a pile of dog $$#*.
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                  Well they had to put something on TV! I get more out of POWER NATION on Sunday mornings about building cars and engines that I do on the reality tv shows. Besides you can pert near anything you want to know on YOUTUBE!


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                    As far as I'm concern there are only two survival shows on TV "ALONE", and "NAKED AND AFRAID"

                    Alone because there is NO support on hand. They live or leave by what they do.

                    Naked and Afraid because of the locations, and as some one stated the bugs and injuries sustained.


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                      He's pretty real and pretty good.

                      He has also gotten darned sick from some of his survival exercises.


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                        I have only one thing to say for these type of TV shows. They are not what will happen in a real SHTF situation but you could learn a few tricks from some of them. My main take on them is only on TV.


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                          So have you applied to be on the next show?
                          I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!


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                            If these shows makes people at home before a disaster happens then it was a good show. Many people start by watching the shows then come to us or magazines to get more information. I still read the magazines because of the new tech that comes out every day.


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                              I like the magazines too but they are all getting so freaking expensive. I get it, printing costs are going up since less is printed. I like mags like Recoil, OffGrid and many of the other more niche mags. Does Survival Mag do a print version? I've always thought it is only and E-mag. But on the print, when you do find them somewhere for sale they always seem to be in the $9-12 range which I just can't afford and I mean heck, you can buy full on survival books for the price. Since many of those mags also seem to be 60% high end marketing ads for the guns or equipment the articles are about you think they would be happy with that revenue and they could lower the selling price. I mean heck, pick up 2 or 3 mags and all a sudden you have a $35-40 dollar bill.

                              OK off the soap box...
                              I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!


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                                It isn't just print costs, but mailing costs too.