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  • Moving To Arizona

    Hello, all! I currently live in Washington State but the Wife and I are looking at moving to Arizona. We are looking at the Phoenix area. We want some land preferably with water/power already onsite. We would like as many acres as we can get. Anybody have any recommendations for an area to look at? We would be commuting to Scottsdale.

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    There are many realtors in state just goggle AZ house hunting and away you go. If you are looking for a retreat you might look at Cabels property listing on their web site. There is a few realtor who specialize in Prepper/homesteading retreats. If you are [buying in AZ make sure you have both mineral and water rights with the land. I use to live in Yuma Az and saw many people get Fu&&ed over because they did not [have water rights, which means you cannot drill for water.


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      Thanks for the info RICHFL. A buddy of mine is from Mesa and he said the same thing in regards to water.


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        Good luck with your move. I grew up in the Tucson area, and would love to move back. Water is definitely and issue. You may want to look at collection devices if you can't drill. I'm not even sure those are legal, but worth investigating.

        There should be plenty of opportunity for solar power.
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          Did you make it to Az