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  • New Guy in Ventura County

    As per the title.
    I'm new to prepping and am not connected with a group or with anyone else.
    If there is anyone in the area who could use an extra set of hands in exchange for imparting some knowledge, I'm here to help.


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    Welcome aboare from Newport News VA


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      Welcome from NC.
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        Hello, and welcome from WV.



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          Hello from Clarksville, Tennessee

          Stick around a while, you will find what you are looking for.


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            Hey David, I know I welcomed you on the other thread, but I will say it again. Glad you found us. As you start to have questions try out the search feature upper right. You can put in keywords and it will pull up threads for you to check out.
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              Hi David welcome form south Alabama.


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                Click image for larger version

Name:	CHEF1.gif
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ID:	186842Welcome to the forums from TN...
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                  Welcome Dave from the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

                  By the way, I was just out in Thousand Oaks over Thanksgiving. The off-road hiking was far more difficult than I expected. The underbrush is impassible, unlike here in Wisconsin.
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                    I CALL THIS: Beginning Lesson #0: BASIC GROUP SETUP AND PREPPERS INFORMATION

                    I did this to help people to get a basic understanding of why, what, where, when, why,
                    and how do you start to become a prepper.

                    First all welcome to the forum. I will let you read my letter for most new comers looking for help to see the light at the end of a very long tunnel. Take my advice to heart it will save you a lot of time and money...

                    You have to sit down and make some major decisions before you begin:

                    1. What type(s) of disasters do you want to prepare for?

                    - There is two major categories of disasters and two different time frames Involved:

                    a. Natural where you cannot do much to prevent it, You can (Bug-Out) get out of the way of Weather including tornadoes and hurricanes. You can (SIP) Stay In Place for the earthquakes, wild fires, etc.

                    b. Man-Made where again you can Bug-Out or SIP for war/terror attacks, Nuclear/Chemical Spill, financial/economic collapses, etc.

                    c. Time Frames: It can include either type disaster; if you feel it may take years to recover to a few days/weeks. Each time frame has it's supply build up to survive needs.

                    2. How many people in your group/How many days, months, years to prepare for?

                    - You need to figure out how much food, water and other supplies will be need to support the group.

                    a. Food:

                    - you need a minimum of 3000 calories per adult per day (SIP) and above 5000 while Bugging-Out or working at your BOL, Retreat, Homestead..

                    - A Good formula for total calories is No. of people X No. of days X 3000/5000 + 10 Percent = Your No.

                    b. Water:

                    - Water weighs-in at 8 pounds per gallon so is hard to carry far. If Bugging Out you need portable water filters in your Bug-Out bags. Filter raw water as you move on.

                    - If SIP you need a minimum of 2 sources of fresh water. Do not count county/city water as a source. You can use private wells, lakes, rivers, etc.

                    - F.E.M.A. now states you need 3-5 gallons of water each day for survival use. Before Katerina it was 1.

                    3. What skills will you need to make up your Group?

                    - Within most groups you can break down it into several sections:

                    Leader(s) (Headquarters Section) are the final decisions makers concerning the group as a whole.

                    Medical Section is concerned with all health and sanitation issues. Must have qualified medical personnel plus water/sewer treatment tech.

                    Site Maintenance Section
                    is responsible for cooking, food/water storage, farming, animal control, etc. Largest group with many special job/skills requirements.

                    Scroungers Section is responsible for finding things needed to support the group. They are the hunters and fishing experts. Used by Security for RECON of local area. Younger ex-military types for their ability to hunt and provide outside security.

                    Security Section is responsible for internal and external security of the group, including firearms, hand-to-hand, and weapons maintenance training for the group. Senior ex law/military type to oversee inside law enforcement and outside security.

                    4. How many people to have in your group?

                    The number is up to you to decide. How many people from your immediate and extended family, your friends, etc. Remember the more people involved, the greater the amount of food, water, and other supplies needed.

                    ************************************************** ******************************

                    This my groups' setup: it involves 5 states, 30 adults, (?) on number of kids, and we have purchased a farm in MN as our ultimate hide out. We have been working together since 1995.

                    I have started posting Beginning Lessons to break down major areas into manageable levels including links, research tips, and lists.

                    1-25 Lessons include: food/food storage, water, Basic planning guide, Homemade medical kit, 72 hour Bug-Out Bag, Retreat Security, Weapons/Ammo Mix, homesteading, basic farming, group make up, Skills needed to survive SHTF.

                    Future Lessons will include: Types of Firearms,Security while bugging out, Security at your Retreat, Beginning requirements for establishing a farm, homesteading, medical list, tool list, etc.

                    You can set up your group any way you want to. This was our way.


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                      I actually lived in Thousand Oaks for awhile back when there was wilderness connecting it and the Valley! Ha ha!


                      I am old.

                      - Buggy
                      I'm not a fatalist. I'm a realist.


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                        Welcome from W. Tenn
                        You don't have to be perfect, but you better be smart!!!


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                          Hello from northern Kalifornia.

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                            Welcome from Missouri. Good to have you with us.
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