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Where to find Military MRE's in S. Utah/NV????

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  • Where to find Military MRE's in S. Utah/NV????

    Hey Everyone!
    Just joined this Forum and have a question for mostly the members from the S.Utah/Nv area, but will take any recommends.
    We are looking for actual Military MRE's, and can't seem to find any place in the St. George area to buy any! Wondering if maybe the members in NV have anyplace they can recommend to get them.
    Also if ya have an online source I'd be very grateful!

    Also lookin to meet others in this area, maybe we can all get together for a Meet and Greet.:cool:

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    We saw MREs in the Emergency Preparedness stores in SLC. Any of those down where you live?
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      It is illegal to sell military MRE's to the public.

      Might I suggest you research some of the commercial varieties that have better flavors, and better containers to store them over 5 years! Just goggle MRE's or go to