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  • Zombie Axe
    I live @ my retreat/homestead and while not something like you would find in Idaho, Montanna, Wyoming, Colorado it is ok for its location:cool:

    In the past I have given very select folks rally points to show up at if there is ever a situation and I will escort them to my location. Of course this is in a SHTF scenario where we anticipate the telecommunications grid is down so ham radio gear (SIMPLEX) is a must. They show up at a designated location, call on a 2m simplex freq that we monitor, and escort them to the property. Generally within a 5 mile radius of the actual location. Granted the rally point is within a SAFE zone. Just bring your TICKET and yer good! No need to send your friends to the wrong side of the tracks and wait for you in the middle of a turf war:mad:

    The reason I bring this up is that something like this can work out for individuals wishing to have an alternate location to bug out to, but the retreat owner wishes to insulate himself from just folks showing up. Doesn't hafta be ham radio (but ham radio has longer ranges than your blister pack GMRS radios) but it should involve a reliable commo source. Of course it should also include a "Trigger" (when you are accepting folks due to a bad situation), Authentication from the rally point (aka code word that has been pre established before TSHTF), and also a Challenge and Password for the face to face meeting.

    When an actual 'TEAM' is formed then the members should be able to 'TRUST' one another. The above method is for when you don't just want any riffraff showing up on your doorstep and 'casing' your home (it has happened before).

    As for a location, Uwharrie comes to mind, but how many THOUSANDS from Charlotte/Winston Salem/Greensboro/Raleigh probably have the SAME idea:eek:

    I knew of some properties once that bordered on Pisgah National Forest (this property was located in Caldwell County Globe, NC) but am unsure of if it is still available since it was 2003.

    First of all, you gotta find out who is in, then figure out where they would be willing to bug out too...

    Picking a location that is BETWEEN all those who want to participate may not be the BEST option. It is really about location, location, location!!! Between you and I Diesel, would put us near Denver or Charlotte :eek:

    Probably got lots more to say on the subject, but lets hear what the other interested parties have to say:)

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  • Diesel
    started a topic Carolina Joint BOL

    Carolina Joint BOL

    As per our other converation and interest shown let's discuss the possibility of a Carolina Xcolony BOL/Facility

    The floor is open, let's hear your thoughts