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    Somewhere in the western part of the state up in the mountains would be good......look at mortimier and the wilson creek area........I was really impressed, Mortimier was WAAAY back off the main road, like it took 15-25 minutes of driving up a dirt road to get to this community, and their seemed to be only 2 roads in and out, easliy defendable. It butts up aginst table rock state park and a bear sancturaty.
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      Lets just meet, setting a date.......,

      ok, seems like we have the beginnings of something here. Lets just look at our calenders,and find an open weekend. Just meet up get to know one another and see if things gel. If not nothing lost. My calender is empty, so far. Lets just say May 16th, just for starters, at Hooters in Statesville? Its just an idea, anyone have anything better, spit it out.