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Western North Carolina Joint BOL / Hunting Lease Poll - RULES

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Diesel
    It's property I own or will own depending on how many people will be interested.

    It is simply done like a hunting lease

    Only considering this to help out and give the good members of this community a place to play and seek refuge if they are a leasee

    If this becomes too complicated or stressful then I won't do it.

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  • Mosa00
    to get back on track of the original subject...

    What about inheritance or estate? can the lease partnership be passed on to others if primary owner meets his end ?

    Taxation... how is that managed?


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  • Long_Hunter
    Will have to carefully consider this, but some items do come immediately to mind.

    1. Lease termination criteria / actions
    2. Guests
    3. Permanent structures or temporary (housing and storage)
    4. Power and water access
    5. If someone pays their monthly/yearly dues, but does not ever show up to work & improve the BOL- need process to evict from lease? Lessee rights. Can we vote them off the island?
    6. Access and security arrangements
    7. Everyone must have an equal voice/vote, but one or two folks will have to be the “facilitator”
    8. Not a money-making enterprise; monies collected above annual lease payment should go back into shared property improvements??
    9. Dispute settlement amongst the group members
    10. What, specifically, can be done on the property- construction limitations, gardens, defensive works, hunting, fishing, other recreational uses by group members, etc...

    Something to get started with… I imagine it will take several meetings of potential members to gauge compatibility for this type of venture; it is not something to be undertaken lightly.

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  • Western North Carolina Joint BOL / Hunting Lease Poll - RULES

    Suggest rules you feel would be important to the integrity and preservation of the property when leased by multiple forum members.

    This would be very similar to a hunting lease
    Last edited by Diesel; 02-10-2010, 10:48 PM.