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we can talk talk talk or get prepared

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  • we can talk talk talk or get prepared

    in other times and places we have spoke of meet up events and i for one am for this .Now i know we have people all over the world,but we can,or could start haveing some meeting state by state if the people would.or could act more instead of talking.Now my big push for this is the grass roots org,and the 9/12 projects as well as others i have seen.Of course we would want ye ole diesel involved,so i do not get fussed at,and he lives just aways up the road i am not talking about shooting or meeting at these gun shows or even camping.I am talking about a everybody is welcome lets get to planning organizing electing and preparing.After all that is what this site is about.If everyone joins in and help's just once a week or once a month in there area,man what a differnce.NOW this is not so everybody can himhaw about why they cannot do this this is for the people who can do this if you cant do it read gripe about something else .NOW LETS PLAN PREP AND SURVIVE:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::eek::cool:
    the pack that plays together stays together

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    alright i am wondering are we all just a bunch of talkers or scared or what lets pull this thing together and go foward
    the pack that plays together stays together


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      I have been doing that since June. We meet once a month. Let me share how it worked for us:
      1) I gave up my privacy, because meet ups in restraunts don't work well and everyone kept saying "let's do it, let's do it" but no one did. My home is private, out of the way and free. People can come for the day or camp over if it's too far for them to go in one day.
      2)we have a pot luck lunch and supper. I provide the beverages, condiments and usually a munchie. I strongly encourage all food to be made from your preps.
      3) EVERYONE contributes in some way. It may be a super power point demo on EMP or as simple as sharing some news you heard and starting a discussion.
      4) we keep the day moving along and try to fill every minute. We do outside stuff, inside stuff and talks. We have something on food preps each month. something on communication each month and something on "news" each month. Sometimes a "talk" or "demo" can lead to something being done at the next month. We do a lot of "what if", a lot of "did you hear", and a lot of "how would you do...", and plenty of "this rotten government".
      5) We get out our maps and check each others neighborhood out and give tips, pointers or advise on getting in and getting out. We've set up caches at some of the places so that some members can get out of where they are in an emergency.
      6) we all talk plainly about what our goals are as far as preparedness goes and how we can acheive that. After the EMP talk, we ended up all pretty much agreeing to get our HAM liscenses and equipment. We are all trying to organise our lives to be freer, safer and healthier and much more self relient.
      We have a group of like minded people we each feel we can count on, go to in an emergency or just talk to.
      I didn't stupidly just give any old person my address. I looked up these people and demanded equal info from them. I checked out their mindset and read anything they had posted. When possible, I started conversations in email. Each month we have grown and we no longer advertise on forums or blogs. We are full. Some are talking about creating a splinter group closer to some, but the original stays the same.
      It can be done, but one person has to bring it into being and focus and get it going.


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        thak you herbie jus kiddin on the name i knew i would getcha in here with me im tired of talkin i wanna be prepped and ready for anything and know who i can depend on
        the pack that plays together stays together