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Limiting Ammo Purchases....

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  • Limiting Ammo Purchases....

    I was in "china mart" about 2am this morning and of course I went on back to the "hunting and camping section". The guy that works there in that section on the nightshift was doing his upstock and trying to get ready for the morning, and I noticed there was a sign on the top of the ammo case which said to the effect of "We are sorry for the inconvience but we are now limiting the purchase of firearm ammunition per customer to better enable us to serve all of of our customers. signed -"china mart". They did not say how much they are limiting each person to, or for how long the rationing would be for on the sign. I then turned and ask the sellsman about the sign and what gives. He said that this was in response to corporate filtering down that- it ,"china-mart" itself would in the near future cease to offer firearms and ammunition, as well as powder and other firearm supplies-cleaning stuff etc. He also made a hushed comment about it possibly being a governmental regulation thing than corporate. I wish I could have gotten it on video on my phone or atleast a picture of it. I will try to get one and post it. I am not a speculator or a doomsayer but,man I tell ya it does make one wonder how much/far the gubberment has its claws into businesses like is kinda disturbing. BTW, it is the East Lincoln wal-mark(intentional mispell) in case you are also does not sell firearms...period.

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    Most places are limiting ammo purchases. At least the ones we visit.

    I bought some at Wally World last time I was there and they limited me to 6. Some of the gun stores have limits as low as 2.

    Guess if they only get 24 boxes in, they'd rather please 12 people. Also keeps people coming back, since you tend to "check in" once in a while to see if they have any more.
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      The Walmart in Asheboro got some ammo in lastnight. I was talking to the man putting it in the case and got mine. He said they where going to put a limit on but didn't know what it was going to be. When back today all but some 9mm and 38's left.
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        Our Wallmart in Mooresville is limiting ammo purchases to 6 boxes. There supply was sure low when I looked on Sunday, no pistol and very little rifle ammo. But they had a good supply of shotgun shells.
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