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were looking for a homesteading group

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  • were looking for a homesteading group

    my names jarad im 26 , former firefighter, prepper, electrician, builder, amateur farmer , my friend hannah is 20 resourceful, intelligent and eager.
    were looking to homestead with a group, we have our own gear and can do for ourselves, we can contribute and want to join a group if your a homesteading group and want 2 great additions contact me on this thread or by email [email protected]

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.


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      Hello and thank you


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        Welcome to the forum from Georgia!


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          Great way to introduce yourself!

          My group was formed back in the mid 1990's we are not currently looking to expand it sorry.

          Good luck!


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            Thank you bounty hunter and no worries rich , congrats on living the dream and maybe il message you for pointers once I get settled somewhere


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              Jarad, Wondering how your making out on your search. I was going to suggest you pick up a copy of Backwoods Home Mag, though in next few months it's coming to an end after almost 30 years. though a newer one called Self Sufficient Mag is coming out from them or their daughter. supposed to be less frequent and no political BS.

              Anyway, reason I even mention it is because in the back of it there are often classifieds where people are seeking people for people like yourself and Hannah. Some sound fruity as a fruit bat but others are homesteaders or farmers, sometimes older seeking people to help and to teach. Also, not sure if u'r looking for a place to live and work or more a place to do and learn skills. Since u'r in NC you might want to check out Joel Salatin at Polyface farms in VA. I know they have interns/ farm hands there. However, not sure how hard it is to get on there but since there is high demand for his knowledge you might have to interview and be selected.

              If ur still around or get this, PM me and I'd be happy to discuss further with u.
              I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!


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                Welcome from south Alabama