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Hickory Based Gun Club

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  • Hickory Based Gun Club

    Was wondering if there are enough interested, local people, who would like to form a gun club in Hickory NC.

    Would really like to find a place to shoot, where we could setup obstacles, abandoned cars, targets at different ranges... and actually train in simulated combat scenarios, shoot in teams, and most importantly learn to move and function with our guns instead of just shooting at targets at a indoor range.

    Anyone with military training, or police training is more than welcome to run classes and training...

    We'd also need a venue to have this at...

    Think that marksmanship is a great thing to learn, but learning to work as a team, and shoot while moving... at least 50% of our shots would need to be while we could learn to use our weapons.

    If anyone is interested, or has something to contribute... drop me a line on here.

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    i would be interested in participating when i am at home.


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      i would be interested along with my dad and a good friend tlman we have been looking for a good place to shoot after our fav range closed drop me a line and we will see what we can do to help
      ill keep my guns money and freedom they can keep the change