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    no man... its too cold way up here... hell, it was -80 today with 5' of snow...;)


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      I live in Idaho about 50 miles south of Canada. I like what cold and snow we do get. The folks who don't have any idea how to prepare and survive up here will not be a problem for long. The colder it gets the safer I feel. When my Hummer can't go I know the bad guys can't go either.

      It is a good feeling,I am prepared, ready and am currently training my community how to do the same.

      Best Regards,RangerRick


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        Wow... I did not realize that a family of 3 living in SE Idaho would be so 'labeled' and 'outcast' before we are even met.

        This area is a great place to live.. Yes, there is a very high population of 'mormons' and that does not seem to have kept out the coffee, booze, drugs and other riff raff of society. BUT-it has brought a lot of 'preppers' to this area to glean knowledge from the 'mormons' about food storage and other survival lessons... I started out in Twin Falls as a single mother of 2... I had never really paid attention to different religious beliefs growing up in Southern Indiana...but living here in this area has 'opened my eyes' to all the differences and I have learned that the 'mormons' have a good thing going for them... at least they did back in the pioneer days when the world was a bit different than it is today... they are the ones that established the irrigation system in the west... anyway... no need to get into a history lesson here... I just know that one of their main beliefs that has be 'preached' from the very beginning is being prepared and making it a community event, not just a personal event... because if you help your nieghbor be successful, they will not come knocking on your door in the event of an emergency... they will not be sneakin around ready to blow your head off to survive ... because you worked together to be prepared ... and you have just the same as they do so there is no reason to fear...

        This is a great place to live! Not to say that everybody is prepared but there are more than not and that makes this area feel safer than other areas... I know that even thougth I don't know their names-they got my back... because there is safety in numbers...

        I have my weapons and ammo ready and aimed.. because the rest of the world still lives here too... but I know that it is not my family alone against everybody else...

        Anyway... there is my 2 cents

        Stanley Idaho is beautiful for about 4 weeks out of the year... late july to early august... otherwise... it is very VERY VERY cold with snowfall usually being measured by the feet instead of inches... (normally they are the record cold in the lower 48 states) my sister has lived there for several years ... it takes some special folks to tolerate that area... I am not that special but enjoy the chance to go visit on an occasion...

        I am looking forward to learning more about this area... the wild edibles available, where and when and other helpful knowledge to reassure my family's safety and survival in case of an emergency in this area...

        My regards,



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          Se Idaho prepper

          I am a N Idaho prepper. I too am from Southern Indiana, left in 2010. I lived in Brown County,
          Best Regards, RangerRick


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            I hear there are few mormons on the west side.


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              If you want Idaho, nice weather & don't want to be near a big city try the Salmon River country. Either Riggins, Challis(little cold), or Salmon. There is also the Lost River area (more desertish). IMO McCall has a to long winter, & the same with everything North of I-90.


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                I'm from North Idaho, about as far north as you can go and still be in Idaho. The weather can be a little extreme for some people I guess but, the hunting is the best. If you don't like snow then try Southwestern Idaho, around Boise or even a little more south. Us rednecks up north don't really need any delicate people up here anyway. Good luck!

                “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” - Thomas Jefferson


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                  Survivorman you would hate Idaho, lots of Mormons and Rednecks especially south and east. Cold, with lots of snow and no growing season at all, the 4th of July was canceled one year due to snow and I am not kidding. Idaho it a terrible place to live no jobs and the Mormon Missionaries are always at your door. Only place worse would be Wyoming.