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Northern Idaho has preppers...

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  • Northern Idaho has preppers...

    As do most places.... We are well set up and still looking for a couple more highly outfitted couples who basically can not afford or do not have a secured location to weather out any possible crisis event.

    Our group has the completed location by the way :-) and we are willing to share it. That all starts with your location as per ours, your list of preps, your character and personality and your real commitment to this cause of surviving with your family intact.

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    welcome to the site and it will be better to survive in a group rather that alone.
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      Our Northern Idaho Group...

      OK here goes. We are part of a group of very well prepped ( normal on the outside) survivors.

      However we hope to never need to use all we have :-)

      On our part we own the semi remote ranch out right. We have layered infrastructures very capable of working well off the for years. Well secured and always adding to that. We are fairly young...mid 50s and retired. Living here in N.I. most of our lives.

      Group members. Ages from toddlers to 60s. Families. Some ours. Very devoted to protecting their one else outside the group. No bleeding hearts here.

      Partners here are very well outfitted. As a basic entry level requirement they all must pre-qualify with a rather extensive list of things to own...outright up front. This list is not applicable for everyone as so many are on the internet. In other words it doesn’t include things like bug out bags or fishing line, hooks and other junk no one here will need. The great majority of their gear is already stored here or they live close enough to move it quickly. It is design to cross integrate and bring redundant back up.

      The experience of the group includes us the ranchers... young retired military officer, another retired military officer and special opts, civilians, current law enforcement, previous law enforcement, hunters, gardeners, mechanics, cooks, teachers and other skills which escape me now.

      We still have room for about ten more souls to round out the number thirty more or less. So if you are within a few hours drive of North Idaho and... “are experienced” then in addition you might be interested give us a P.M. Fair warning here, we have turned away scores over the last three years. We are not desperate you had better not be either ;-)

      Good in numbers...


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        I hope you didn't think I wonted to join.
        I would have to travel through at least one major city to head north and them odds dont look good.
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          Oly, We have some folks in Utah but they need to relocate to this area. They are working on it. No to answer your question.... I was not addressing you or...anyone in specific. Just throwin out the worm to see if we get a bite ;-)

          Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, Western Montana, Southern Canada is the range for here.