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    I've been reaching out to preppers in DC/Northern VA/MD area and not having a lot of success getting replies. I've blogged elsewhere on this site, and not seeing a threat for this region, here it goes.
    Realize folks are busy and hard to get together to discuss forming a retreat group or trading ideas, but I see a presentation coming up in Northern VA that will interest preppers, and perhaps folks who want to stay afterwards to discuss forming a group can do this then?
    The presentation is entitled: "Surviving the Coming Bioengineered Viral Pandemic". If you aren't familiar with this threat, see the thread on this under "Contingency Planning." Here are the two presentation times:
    Thur, April 18, 8PM at American Legion in Springfield VA
    6520 Amherst Ave, Springfield, VA 22150
    Fri, April 19, 8PM at VFW Hall in Falls Church VA
    7118 Shreeve Rd (behind the McDonalds on Route 7, Leesburg Pike)
    Reply here if you can attend and would like to meet afterwards to talk about forming a group.

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    The information you will hear in this meeting might be a little above your understanding but there should be very good information on prevention methods at the home, business and community levels.

    I sat on 2 boards at the federal level in 2007 which involved all departments of the Government, most states, and outside agencies like the CDC. It was a very involved and interesting week with a lot of information passed around. I was there because of my involvement with the Flu Wiki WEB Site. We had a booth set up showing how individuals can become involved at the community level and spreading the message about preparation. That was the Hi Lite of my time working with Flu Wiki WEB Site.


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      I'm trying to see about getting a survivalist expo in the northern VA/DC area. In order to get one here we need at least 25 vendors willing to participate. If you are a vendor and are interested in presenting at an expo please follow this link and submit the vendor interest form.

      Thank you
      GL Skye - Author

      Vendor Interest link:


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        I'm not a vendor but Northern VA, like say Winchester area would be cool. Not far out of DC for those types and also close to the rural parts of WV, VA, MD & PA.

        If your seeking vendors you might want to check out the gun shows at Richmond, Hampton and Virginia Beach for a lot of vendors that might be good fit. Often there are different vendors at each show and are from all over from PA & OH south to the Carolinas.So you might be able to check out the shows and see whatvendoterest youhem to discuss.

        Wouldd this be more than just a swap meet? Might want to contact people like Southern prepper, engineer 775 and others about doing presentations. A true expo with some education components would be of high interest and I know I'd be willing to make the 3-4 hr drive down there.

        Though I wouldn't make that drive into or even through the traffic and other BS of DC or MD.
        I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!


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          Yes, Winchester/Front Royal area is the area being considered as that is the area where I live. My thoughts would be to make this a 2-day affair with both days being able to swap/sell wares and having "classes/presentations" pertaining to skills, tips, devising plans, etc. In order to keep costs down the presentations would likely be pro bono by those that vendors and/or attendees. I appreciate your response and suggestions. I will try to get in touch with them.

          Additionally, if you, or anyone else, knows someone (vendor type) that would be interested in attending, please pass the link on to them as well. If they would prefer to be contacted by email I can be reached at [email protected] or from my web site I am a GIS professional and recent author of fiction based on current/potential future events. While I only recently learned of the word "prepper", I have been one my entire life. This is something very near and dear to my heart and want to help gather others together so that we might learn from each other.

          Vendor Interest link:


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            This would be maybe 5 or 6 hours out from me and I would love to go, but hubby is not able to go the distance and I would be afraid to leave him for 2 or 3 days alone. But would not be able to attend this year anyway as we do have a wedding and holidays coming up as well as we are cooking collards for the market and this is our busy season. Maybe next year, depending on how hubby is. I would love to attend one of these.