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New Hampshire.....Central..........

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  • New Hampshire.....Central..........

    Looking for other like minded people in the Lakes Region. Know this is a crazy way to try to meet up. Maybe a neutral location. First names only until we know each other better. No tinfoil hats. Did have a decent group together in Maine but not close enough to be of much help to one another anymore. Lakes Region is a close as I will reveal for obvious reasons as it covers a whole lot of territory.

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    Have come to the conclusion that no one in the Lakes Region of NH is able to use the internet and has any curiosity about survival. Damn....


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      my folks live near Rochester, NY.....and have a cabin out by Lake that considered the lakes region?


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        Welcome to the forum, I currently live in NE Florida.

        Read and learn about subjects that interest you, while you write back about your experiences.

        Remember you are not alone.


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          Amy, my stepson, his wife and our other two grandkids klive in Rochester, NY. LOL. Nope...none of those are considered the Lakes Region but thanks.


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            It looks like there were several central NE people in here earlier that bailed out. Grrrrrrrr yes that was the Mountain Lion growl. I'm a PITA so I'm not going away unless someone chases me out of here. If you were an active member before and just swing in to read......for Pete's Central New Hampshire here. Lakes Region. PM prepared...I love to talk.


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              girl, if I lived near you, we would talk!



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                Amen know it girlfriend!


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                  Hi Lioness I live in Roch. N.H. so not too far depending if you live in the north side or south side if you feel like it send me an email and once we communicate maybe we can meet some where in between bring our spouses or something and shoot the breeze about shit hitting the fan as it [email protected] waiting to hear from you Brian