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New England Get Together in August!

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  • New England Get Together in August!

    In July we had a prepper/survivalist get together and had a great time! One of the best things about it was chatting with like minded people. Someone would ask a question or make a statement and free flowing conversation, tips, and ideas flowed from that. Anyone from New England is welcome to participate.
    We will be having another function in August. The date is the 22nd, which is a Saturday. We will start with the first talk.demo at 11 a.m., break for lunch and continue from there. IF there is enough interest and participants, we will also continue on Sunday morning.
    - Camping (from Friday night) is welcome! Consider this a great chance to test your
    - Camp fire - we have a fire pit, and all are welcome to use it.
    - Food will be potluck or make your own. I will provide coffee,tea,water,iced tea,
    condiments, munchies and a sweet as well as bread. It has been suggested that
    the "potluck" dish come from your preps, so people can try different kinds of prep
    Come early and stay late! Have fun, talk and practice some shooting (we have skeet)as well as an arrow target.

    What I need:
    people who will share their gadgets with us! Think "show and tell".
    people who will share their knowledge with us. A demo/talk on some prep related subject. (got a Get Home Bag? Got a First Aid Kit? Beekeeping? Food Inventory?)

    Please contact me at: [email protected] if you are interested in coming!

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    Another meet up?

    If you have any more in the NH or NE region let me know!