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New England Military Adventure Special Operation Group (NEMA-SOG)

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  • New England Military Adventure Special Operation Group (NEMA-SOG)

    NEMA-SOG is a club designed to give former and current military personnel as well as selected civilians a military experience without the burden of enlistment and deployment. We seek to employ the same types of techniques, tactics, and procedures used in our armed forces to train and educated our group members. It must be understood that this is not a militia or Para-military organization. We run a CLUB devoted to enjoying military adventure outings. NEMA-SOG however, is modeled closely after active duty and National Guard units of the United States. A rank structure is in place and must be followed to maintain order and discipline. Outings are planned for one weekend every month on a Saturday and Sunday. Activities are planned and coordinated by the chain of command prior to outing date. Since this club is in the infant stages outings will be planned according to everyone’s budget. As we gather more members and collect more dues and donations outings will continue to grow better and more in depth. NEMA-SOGs survival and success is dependant directly on its members.

    Proposed activities for NEMA-SOG outings
    1. Survival training
    2. Land navigation/orienteering
    3. Climbing/rappelling training
    4. Small unit tactics
    5. Battle drills
    6. First aid training
    7. Small boat training
    8. Mounted operations
    9. MOUT training
    10. Obstacle course
    11. Paintball training/War Games
    12. Weapons training
    13. Reconnaissance training
    14. Off road 4x4 techniques and training

    NEMA-SOG Rules
    1. Uniforms will be worn during group meetings/outings
    2. Rank is assigned by experience and promotion system
    3. Dues are assessed based on activities(s) for that weekend and will
    be paid prior to that weekend
    4. Any former military personnel may join pending board review
    5. Any civilian may join that is approved by the board and passes unit basic training
    6. All personnel must pass a physical fitness test. The activities NEMA-SOG executes require personnel to be in shape. We have no time to worry about stragglers
    7. There is no long term commitment to NEMA-SOG, only an initial member fee and dues in order to pay for outings are required
    8. Discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated
    9. The board reserves the right to terminate any members membership

    NEMA-SOG is currently recruiting members. We are especially interested in people who can offer any skills pertaining to the outing ideas listed above. Especially in need of a group medic for outings.

    About me
    I was in the Army as a Scout (19D) for six years. I deployed twice to Iraq for a total of 27 months. I have real world experience in all aspects of combat operations. I left the Army in 2007 and have been contemplating joining back up ever since. The problem now is that I have a family and I refuse to put them through the military life style. I have been wanting to do something military related but the National Guard could not offer me what I was looking for. I decided to create this group so that I still could do most of the things being done by our military today but without the moving, deployment, and late nights of the real Army. I fashioned this group based on the Army so that discipline and realism would be maintained. The object of the group is to learn and have fun doing things that are associated with being in the military. This is by no means meant to be a militia, but I do believe in being prepared for all situations that may arise in our country and world. In a disaster situation or hostile situation NEMA-SOG members would be asked (not ordered or told) to come together as a group and help their respective communities.
    If any of this sounds interesting to you feel free to contact me. Looking for like minded individuals that want to be on the ground floor of the creation of this group. Thanks


    Please join our Facebook group for easy communications

    [email protected]