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  • Colorado?

    I am looking to start a survival/outdoors group here in Colorado. Please post up if you like this idea or not. Every year we hear of someone getting lost on the trail or hunting etc. and I would like to get something going to help our fellow outdoorsman/women. we have a unique type of climate here where the weather can go from hot to cold to wet to freezing all in one day and helpful hints would be appreciated. I would also like feedback on trails, camping areas, fishing, etc. for the novice to expert.


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    Ya its a good idea but the issue isnt the average hikers out there as they are genrally at least somewhat prepared. Its the young lovers and families that dont have a clue of what they are getting into that think it would be nice to go for a walk in the woods for the day that are the big problem in this situation. The big problem is getting through to these people. They dont read blogs like this or anything else that would help them to prepare. So really the issue is getting the word to those who need it. But if you get something going or need help then pm me. I would be glad to help. I build and sell comprehensive survival kits but they always end up with people that know what they are doing in the backwoods which is great but it would be nice to help wake up the others.


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      I agree with theone, to a point. I work with folks who are part of Chaffee County search and rescue. Usually the ones we have the most calls for are experienced outdoor folk who had an accident, or machine failure. some are well prepared, some are not. The families and young lovers seldom get very far into the rough terrain, or very far off a road for that matter. That's just not what they are into. They just want a pleasant hike in the woods.

      But getting the word to any/all of these folks is a challenge. I think the info is out there for them to collect, if they'll look. Or if they'll call. I'm kind of in the mindset that each person is responsible to and for themselves. Reach out if you want a hand. I'll offer help if you're going astray, but if you're lost or die, it will not change my life. I believe in self reliance.
      Planning to be here through it all.............


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        Greetings from the Colorado Springs Area.


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          Hey good idea. Check with your closest EMS or online about CERT training.
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            Hi from Littleton Colorado. New to site. Any experience in the outdoors and woods of Colorado is always welcome to hone skills and while doing it for a good cause is also a definite plus in my book. Id like to know more.


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              Hello from Como, CO in Park County!!


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                I've spent some time in the back country. Howdy from Thornton---for now.
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                  As stated earlier... paraphrased, those who will end up in the back country are those that may need the help in dire straits. The groups of individuals who get stuck on the side of the road or barely in the woods can call for AAA. Why waste your time and energy on city folk who, let's face it, may not get out of the urban explosion when the SHTF. Help those that may help you first.