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Texas must be doing something right!

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  • Texas must be doing something right!

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    Yeah. Oil and gas. I cannot hire enough qualified people to fill my open positions. And, the lowest man on the totem pole makes over $70,000 a year. Go figure. A labor shortage when everyone keeps telling me how bad things are. I call BS.


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      Yikes, makes me wish I worked in oil and gas! Still the boom and bust nature of this industry would be a real challenge....though at this point what isn't?

      The brutal truth is that America must produce to profit. Shuffling debt and finances is a shell game invented by Wallstreet and corporations cooking their books in order to bail before someone notices they are incompetent.

      Today America decides if it wants to get serious about PRODUCING goods or back slide into welfare socialism. Everyone go vote!


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        I love TX. I grew up in Dallas, and the piney woods of east TX. I moved to KS many years ago, and want to move back but my wife won't move. So I expect I will be here for the duration, but I read TX newspapers every day, study TX history, and my heart is there.