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Prepping for the spring

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  • Prepping for the spring

    Okay, I'm considering getting a plow for my tractor because there was some interest in using some of my land for a community garden. Since I thought it was a good idea, I figured I'd get a new plow. I'm just checking around to see if there is still interest in doing this, if not this year then eventually. If nothing else, I can use it to help me plant a few fruit trees.

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    I assume your talking about a furrow plow not a front or back blade. That would be a great tool. A rotovater and chain/drag harrow would be excelent tools as well. Currently these tools can be rented. If fuel supplies dry-up tractor PTO devices will have little value, while anything that can be pulled by a mule will be of great value. Back in the mule days we would have a 26 mule team pull a wheat harvester. The harvestor would carry 7 men, that gives you some idea of it's size and weight.
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      I'm still interested in a community garden, however, I'm on a student's budget and don't know when I'd be able to afford the drive out.


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        Take your time. My place isn't going anywhere. I'm going out of the country for a couple months in January anyway.


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          It's a new year and more prep to do.


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            I'm still around, still interested and unfortunately still on a miniscule budget.