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    Back from some family illness but hanging on in Fort Worth, TX. People here seem to think things are going to be bad for a long time. I think everyone has realized that Obama, no matter what his speech writers have him say, is just a politician and a democrat. Texas is holding strong economically but we all suffer for our friends and neighbors who are suffering job loses and home depreciation nightmares.

    I turn forty this Summer so I still cling to the hope that the 2008 loss of 43% value of my retirement funds may recover. Regardless I continue to invest in them. Yes, I have adjusted but most of the damage is done. Most of America is right here in the trenches with me it seems.


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      Wild pigs and fish

      Hey Diesel,
      New member here. I live about 90 miles south of Dallas. A little over 600 acers. I have enough wild pigs on my place to last a long time. Young ones are really good to eat. I also have several stock tanks that have plenty of fish. Lots of deer and other wild game. Also a pretty large garden. Should have plenty to eat. If I can keep others away. I also raise cattle.


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        Welcome neighbor!
        I am 45m W of Georgetown


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          Hey Russell,
          I shared this site with a few of my like minded friends. I think we will have more members in this area soon.
          Thanks for the welcome,


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            North Richland Hills checking in.


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              I'm enjoying seeing all these Texans show up


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                Rockwall area checkin

                I spent this last summer and fall building a cabin in the south east corner of Oklahoma. Working on the land and gathering supplies in my spare time. I will be starting a garden later in the spring but in an emergency the land will provide the deer and turkey.

                I should be starting on a 5 acre lake by mid summer for the water supply. Solar power will provide enough for what little power will be required most of the time. A generator will be used during high power use times.

                You cannot do it all at once ... pace yourself and keep plugging along to complete your survival plans. Don't become overwhelmed and not start at all.

                I will update pics of the cabin later...



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                  I have not hung out here much of late.
                  Having been unemployed , for the most part since mid December, preparations for "what may come" have been put on the back burner for a while. I did, however, stumble onto some Texas Wheat. was not much left of last season's crop. I traded a rifle for some. God is good- all the time.

                  Our well pump went out. We found out what it was like to haul buckets of water from down the hill. It was out for 16 days. I traded a bp rifle for a used pump, and some ammo for install labor (pump lowered down), then I finished up with a new pressure tank.

                  We have printed off some reference info in case (for when) we lose the net.
                  Need to do some more of that. Native edible plants- any suggestions?

                  Keep you powder dry, and your faith in God
                  Russell Tutor


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                    Rockwall, Texas checkin in!

                    I´m in Brazil right now with my newlywed Brazilian wife (we´re trying to get a permanent visa for her and I ain´t coming home without her).

                    I have a small arms cache, bug-out packs that are half-finished, and tons of knowledge about survival and survival-prep that I would love to get my hands dirty with.

                    My dad and I have spent many years together, working on the vineyard, strawberry patch, tomato garden, fig, pear trees, blackberry bushes....

                    I´m sure just about all of us native Texas have done their fair share of hunting. My favorite hunting rifle is my .30-30- people underestimate it, but if you know your gun like you know your wife, you can kill just about anything with it (using the new Hornady rounds of course).


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                      Howdy from south of Houston.

                      Looks like no one form Texas has checked in for a while.

                      I am new to prepping, so have a lot to learn. My family did fairly well during Ike, but I have moved closer to the coast with my new wife and we are of the mind that we need to be ready for the next big one, or anything other kind of disaster that might occur, natural or man-made.

                      Looking forward to interacting with people here and learning the ins and outs of being prepared for when the fecal matter hits the roatating oscillator.