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Any one from Ohio or East Indiana

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  • Any one from Ohio or East Indiana

    Ok so I am right next to Richmond Indiana in new Paris Ohio and am Going Nuts! I can’t stand the boredom. I Just got out of the Marine Corps Infantry and have the most jaded and cynical point of view along with a sick sense of humor to boot and I really don’t mesh with the local civi's here, I wanted to go back in but there not taking Prior enlisted any more and im a not joining the army unless it's SF and they wont put it in writing so that’s a no go. I need people who meet the fallowing criteria:

    1. Be some what in shape (Im no Iron man but I aint lugging some fatty up a cliff face!) and into outdoor type recreation I.E. Off roading hiking survival camping shooting Ect.
    2. Prior military infantry. Or one Hard assed Mofo
    3. Own your own kit/guns
    4. Love your country enough to say that you know it’s in trouble.
    5. Be even tempered (No hot heads) unless Warranted
    And last but not least! Be a Man damnit im sick of this mommas boy limpwristed Sisters pants around your ass wearing shit (Ohh and no Commi Hippy’s ether and in that same breath no small minded rednecks)
    This is my attempt at starting something that doesn’t suck I don’t have a name for it and its not set in stone, if you think this sounds fun say so, if you have ideas tell me, get every one you think would like something like this and we'll see about doing something about it ( Oh women are welcome but there is a strict NO BITCHING policy !)

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    Hey Josh, this doesn't sound like too tall of an order here .... have you tried posting this on Craigslist? Keep searching .... Ohio is undoubtedly a breeding ground for Patriots and like minded folks .... you may have to develop a little bit of patience though. Few have the benefit of the Marine Corps training and experience you've enjoyed. As with any endeavor as you gain experience you soon become a teacher .... don't be araid to teach.

    Things are seldom what they seem.


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      lol.. I just came across this.. "Oh Joshua877, I promise not to bitch"!! Wow, see he didnt stick around long... please dont give Ohioans a bad rep, were not all like this guy.
      If the zombies chase us, Im tripping you!!!


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        yea, i'm new here and from ohio. i'm no marine and yes i'm very out of shape but then again i'm not planning to join any military groups at the moment. i have grandkids to raise! but, my 1st husband was military intelligence (what a joke) and the wonderful land of plenty is in more trouble then anyone knows!! stuff is going on that would cause mass panic and some real civil war if not a complete overthrow of the government!! no i'm not paranoid, it's the God honest truth!! and with that so called leader we've got now, it's just going to get worse!! he's paving the way for our down fall!! it's going to fall to the red-necks, militants, retired military, and good old TRUE AMERICANS to defend this country!! that's why they're trying to take away our guns as well as our voice, our choices, our independence,our children(mind altering drugs,video games,t.v. etc.) , our God out of our pledge, motto, and worship. they are weakening our dollar,our families,our resolve,our minds,and dashing hopes by selling us out to japan and kissing the back side of the middle east for a few drops of oil!! get real America!! we are a self sufficient country!! stop sending our soldiers to die in wars that have been raging since before Christ and keep them here to defend us!! America is dying from the inside!! all of her enemies are getting free rides in our colleges,learning all they can,living here, and getting tons of government help because they're immigrants and making bombs in their basements!! really!! sorry, didn't mean to go on like this, but it seems that this is a place that people understand the truth about what's going on. i've been all over the world and never lived on post not even once. i know what the rest of the world's real people really think about Americans. it's not very nice. just be prepared because life as we know it is going to change. thank you for understanding and being patient at my outburst.