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    Jeezus! Chickie Farmertam. Its gals like you that TOTALLY intimidate the hell out of the rest of us. I'm an army brat and am pretty handy, but you are what we call the Rennasaince Woman from Hell. You probably are a wash and wear, and lipstick hottie with primo bright kids too. What is your secret?! Your like, working two jobs (farm and kids). How do you keep your sanity? Pound out aggressions on your forge or just drink Moose Killer Meade? I hope your man rubbs your feet and beers you nightly.


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      Dang Farmertan I got a good ol country girl myself, but you got her beat by a mile. She enjoys raising chickens and hogs. She knows how to salt cure or smoke hams. Knows how to killem, gutem, cookem. She can tend an old fashion garden without all this new fancy stuff. She never complains about breaking a nail. She will service the vehicles anytime they need it. She does the oil changes and I even watched her put on brakes as I supervised. I could have done it, but she bragged she knew how. DANG IF SHE DIDNT!!! I would love for you two to meet some time. Maybe some of your extra skills will rub off on her. There aint nothign wrong with opposites attract either. I am the city boy that grew up in the country. We lived in the country to get away from the city. Mom and dad worked in the city.


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        I can garden well enough to supply us with most of our food and I've raised chickens for that too. I can hunt if I need to, but hubby doesn't care much for game,except birds. I can lend a hand to most anything, expert at none. I do planning real well and have a good lot of preps. I also can bake nad cook, make a mean loaf of bread and can well. I am starting to learn about making our own household products from cleaner to laundry soap.:), oh and I can sew and craft up a storm. I'm also good with herbs and simple herbal meds.


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          i can hunt anything in north america shoot well fight fires (at least on a ship) i can fix most firearms from air rifle to semi auto cut wood fell trees decient with a hammer i have unreal patients and stamina (comes from being 37 and dealing with with people mostly 18-24 who have never worked before) stamina comes from being able to eat the same 12 meals and watch the same 10 movies for 6 to 10 months at a time seriously would kill for the wifes meatloaf right now. but back on subject i can braze pipes fabricate metal things (any thing from shear pins and pump guards to small gun parts) i can fix pumps(thanks to the Navy) and valves i can do simple wireing and dont underrate the ability to take and follow orders.


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            Originally posted by Farmertam View Post
            I can train a horse, drive a horse, plow a field and rake hay with said horse(s) or tractor. I can cuss at both the horse and the tractor really well. I can fix said horses and tractor when neither of them seem to be running right. I can work metal in a hot forge and build/repair tools as needed (getting better at it everyday.) I can trim a horse's hoof. I can run my 160 farm and be a good mom to my two kids and fix killer vittles all at the same time. I can fix any plumbing or electical issues, I can build a barn. I raise awesome beef, poultry, pork and lamb. I can kill said critters when the time comes and thank them for feeding my family. I can hunt and fish, whether I get anything is another story. I can walk up to my bull, put a halter on him and load him on a trailer to cover other cows for a neighbor...none of the men I know will do this, either they are real smart..or as I have been told, "Damn girl, you have a set of brass ones!" I can help a horse, cow, sheep, goat or human deliver a baby. I can also fix fence, build fence and rip up fence if needed. Like Kenno, I can get anything with wheels stuck and unstuck...just name it, I have probably got it stuck at some point in time. I have run a 6 acre community supported agriculture garden for members on our farm. I make my own beer and hard cider...tried to make mead but it came out very dry and with an alcohol content big enough to put a moose on it's ass! I grow my own hops for my homebrew. I do tons of canning and freezing to keep us in our food year around. I shear my own sheep and goats.

            I have been in the military (they made me an expert in marksmanship, got the ribbons to show for it...MP) , I am a scuba diver, I have been an EMT and firefighter, I have a CDL, .
            dang Tam, when does class start? Also, send some of that hard cider this way.



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              Dang, and I'm stuck with LGF (Liberal Girl Friend). She can go to art exhibits, has friends walking with the idiot OWS in NYC, and wears a Molly Ivins bracelet. Help me....:(
              "The enemy is the necessary condition for practicing patience."


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                It's easy just add another girl friend one for deer skinning one for art exhibits.


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                  What can I do - well as old as I am there is not a lot of things I have not done:

                  Age 1-20
                  Born, Lived, and worked on a Dairy farm 18 years
                  Worked in a blacksmith shop (Grand Pa's) 4 summers
                  Worked as a lumber jack land clearing for (Father and Uncle) 3 years
                  Construction Residential 2 summers for an Uncle
                  Cowboy in Yuma AZ for 1 Year

                  Age 21-42
                  US Marine for 21 years attend a lot of school including Command and Staff College
                  including 14 years overseas and 4 years aboard ships and College 2 degrees in 5 Years

                  Age 42-51
                  Law Enforcement Officer (Deputy Sheriff) 9 Years

                  Age - Now semi retired

                  Learned a lot of trade crafts over the years. Never an expert but can get the job done!


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                    Originally posted by johnnie l. View Post
                    It's easy just add another girl friend one for deer skinning one for art exhibits.
                    I like the way you think. If I had a DSGF (deer skinning girl friend) I probably would spend a lot less time with my LGF.
                    "The enemy is the necessary condition for practicing patience."


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                      Welcome from Missouri Ozarks thanks for all your service.
                      WE DIDN'T BELIEVE THOSE WHO HAD SWORN TO KILL US 9-11-01


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                        I"m not an expert at anything, but I am anywhere from "I can complete it" to "proficient" to "pretty dang good" in several areas.

                        I've had horses all my life, and I can manage to do most anything with them. I've never tried to plow with one, though I think I would enjoy it. I can however harness one up to our little cart.

                        We have goats and cows, and my husband really wants chickens. I hate chickens, so he had better build them a nice area area so that I never have to mess with them, unless forced too. I always, always get chased down by an angry hen. NEVER fails. On the other hand, I love my goats and cows. They are very satisfying to raise.

                        I can cook anything. I think if I had a gift it would be cooking. I can cook, bake, can, preserve, dehydrate, and cook with all of it. Push comes to shove, at least we will eat well.

                        I will be testing after the first of the year for my black belt in Kenpo. (Our school is a kenpo/JKD/streetfighing style thats is great for real-life application) I am so excited about that. It's been several years of hard work, but that knowledge is priceless.

                        I can sew, crochet, and craft, which comes in handy. I am forever fixing rips and tears, adjusting hems, and making whatever is needed. Need a cheap, really cheap gift? I can come up with something!

                        I am a very, very good shot, but I'm no firearms expert by any means. I love target shooting, and go to the local range at least once a week. I also love to shoot with my bow, (I have a Hoyt that fits me perfectly). I am really good with it, and it's easier to practice with. I am really good at skinning out and breaking down various creatures. I have a really steady hand, and am not at all squeamish, so it works well. for us!
                        I worked for a vet for almost 10 years, so I have a really good base of knowledge for medicine. I can suture cuts, figure out dosages for most common meds and anaesthetics, do some ER treatment, that sort of thing.
                        I am not handy with anything mechanical. Thats where I become a girl, lol. Give me anything but a vehicle to fix! I can weld and braze, but I can't change the oil in the truck. :)
                        THere are also countless other little skills that I, and everyone else, has if we sit down and really think about it.
                        This kitten has claws......


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                          Jack of all trades, master of 1 or 2. (maybe) :)
                          G.I.H.S.O. Going In Hot, Safety Off.


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                            That is very cool. My wife does about 1/2 that I love her for the help on the farm.
                            Best Regards,RangerRick