While I quite a bit of tidbits of info stored away in my mind, I continually amaze friends and family with what they call useless information. I always tell them that there is no such thing as useless info, and I am sure that many here will agree with me. I have lived in the countryside of Alabama and currently live in fayetteville nc. Well on to my list of strengths and weaknesses.

1. Fair shot with my Glock 17 and Hi-Point 9mm carbine
2. Can sew up fairly severe wounds, I have done so to myself several
times while camping and hiking. Have the scars to show for it.
3. Pretty good trapper of small to medium animals. Never tried
anything as large as a boar or deer.
4. Basic mechanic stuff. Filters, oil change, spark plugs, things like that.
5. Really good sense of direction, in woods or not.
6. Good cook outdoors... really good indoors.
7. Getting back in shape after many years working inside. Starting to
hike with a pack several miles three times a week.
8. Know how to make exploding arrows using just an arrow and two
shotgun shells. They are a blast literally and figuratively.

1. Out of shape. Working on this one.
2. Working on my marksmanship.
3. Have a bum shoulder.
4. Have seizures due to accident many years ago. Thankfully they are
controlled. Stockpiling my medication btw.

I'm sure I missed many weaknesses, amzaing how easy it is to think of strengths compared to weaknesses :p