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Skill set Parthenox

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  • Skill set Parthenox

    Wilderness survival-expert
    Medical training- basic
    Shooting-horrible(I'd make a great support guy)
    cooking, wilderness-basic
    cryptology-proficient(As long as I can write it down)
    Mechanical skills(auto repair, etc.proficient

    I am not much of one for violence, but I am a good support person.
    I can carry my weight, and do my tasks well.

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    Lock-picking? who ya gonna steal from?
    Classic Southern defense: "But your Honor, he just NEEDED killin!


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      Originally posted by Loshali View Post
      Lock-picking? who ya gonna steal from?
      That's not fair....I can pick a lock, too, and I can see the benefits in a TEOTWAWKI scenario......alot of vital stuff could be inaccessable w/out a proficient entry technician.
      "I Have Sworn Upon the Altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." -Thomas Jefferson

      "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." -Frederic Bastiat


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        Originally posted by Big_Saw View Post
        That's not fair....I can pick a lock, too, and I can see the benefits in a TEOTWAWKI scenario......alot of vital stuff could be inaccessable w/out a proficient entry technician.
        In a SHTF scenario, one must assume that the laws of the land would not longer apply, correct? That means our limits on behaviour would only be what our conscience dictates, correct? Now, I would not steal, or murder, but you better believe that I do not have any moral reprehension against explosives. None at all. I cannot find any religious mandate that says "Thou shalt not gather up lots of shiney sticks of dynamite and blow up things, nor shall you mix sulphur, salt peter, and charcoal, and blow up trees. Like wise thou art forbidden from pumping a 55 gallon drum full of propane and tossing matches at it, nor shall you use C4, Plastex, or Nitroglycerin."

        So, should SHTF I am going to have fun doing things that are illegal now, but would not be then!! Woo Hoo. There would be no rock unturned or fence post left standing nor any door left locked that I need to get into!


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          I keep my lock pick set in the bed of my truck.
          Here is the list of my favorites:
          1- Chain saw.
          1-15lb. sledge hammer
          1-5 lb. sledge hammer
          1- 5 ft.pinch bar
          1- 3 ft. demo pry bar
          1-48 inch bolt cutters
          40 ft tow chain with grab hooks
          4 sets cable chokers
          1- portable A/O torch set.
          So if you are ever locked out of your house or car just give me a call.:eek:


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            Lock picking is a skill that I have long wanted to learn. I can envision a SHTF scenario where someone leaves town and leaves a lot of locked up goodies behind, maybe in a steel door warehouse which isn't easy to break into. The bad guys may leave it alone and look for easier targets. If you have a little time and patience, and the right skills and tools, you can pick the lock and get in.


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              That's my kind of toolbox. All your missing is a chisle and a cup of coffee.


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                If any of you want to start a career as a locksmith I have a few instructional manuals in pdf format I'll gladly share.Just IM me and let me know.You're on your own for getting a license for the job where ever you may reside though.It never hurts to have a back up career nowdays and they are for educational and informational purposes only.It's a fairly decent paying part time gig from what I've learned.People will always keep locking their keys where they can't get them.And I thought the military approach of a 12 gauge to the lock and/or through the hinges worked quite well for rapid non-clandestine entry.
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