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3/3/2012 - Weekend Contest

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  • Diesel
    Well yeah it was a contest just for the weekend sorry folks. Also it required a brand new thread, and a post here to let me know to go look at it.

    I'll run another one soon, promise :) Be ready

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  • TNap
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    Setting up a camp site in the back of my property last weekend I decided to make this Camp Stove that was featured in one of the Bushcrafting posts. Very simple and quick to make out of thin tree/tree branches. Used some Jute Cord to secure the points. Used a BBQ flat pan, secured with bailing wire to the lower section as a cooking surface and then created a fire break out of spare tree limbs to keep the wind at bay along the sides.

    Worked out great! Enjoyed a nice pot of coffee and some soup while prepping out the site for a future log cabin that I will begin to build.

    Don't know if this qualifies but I thought I'd list it anyway.


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  • nakadnu
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    Best I can do on short notice. I hope this qualifies.
    If it doesn't I won't pout for too long.:p

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  • ktomes_340
    Hey, Diesel.Is it too late for this contest? I will await your reply.

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  • Diesel
    started a topic 3/3/2012 - Weekend Contest

    3/3/2012 - Weekend Contest

    Allright Preppers!

    Figured you might be bored this weekend, so I'm offering up a quick and easy contest.

    BEST new thread explaining or demonstrating a basic survival / Bushcraft skill wins a wallet sized Fresnel Lens

    Can be anything from fire methods, cooking methods, shelter building, fixing or making something, gardening, foraging, etc etc

    Good instructions, and pics will be the key!

    I'll post this in the contest section, just reply to that thread to let me know you have made a post and where to find it.

    Good luck and have fun!