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EDC bags, EDC pouches or EDC tins contest.

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    I just grabbed a reference book at True Value/ Northwest Hardware for $10.00....

    Thanks for the Reminder to get one GW....last one I had was borrowed and never seen again....

    The "Winning" patch trumps my "Major League Zombie Killer" patch...:)
    Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.


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      Ok now that there is some intrest I will have to add some more swag.


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        My EDC

        My EDC bag looks like shizz next to the rest on this thread but here we go! Your EDC really starts with whats in you pockets. I always carrier a pocket knife, my phone, a bandanna, my keys (I have a knife sharpener and 3ft of paracord on my key chains), and I didn't throw these in the picture, my wallet and hat. My EDC bag is a military issues shoulder bag of some kind. It has 2 exterior pockets and the interior has on large pocket and 3 rectangular pockets. The 2 exterior pockets hold my flash lights, one has a head lamp and the other a 9 led flash light (a freebie from harbor freight). In the main section we have a basic first aid kit, a pen, hand sanitizer spray, an emergency poncho, gum, dried cherries. a lighter, a 4 gig flash drive of survival books and other impotent info, my Nagant revolver (not my primary hand gun but one I trust and can afford to lose.) and 50 rounds of ammo and also my Bug Out Bottle: compass, whistle, can opener, thread, fishing line, hooks, needle, safety pen, Swiss army knife, 2 zip lock bags, 2 tea bags, 2 instant coffees, 1.15 oz pack of peanut butter, lighter, dryer lent, daily vitamins, note paper, led light, 15' of paracord, pencil, a few feet of duct tape, and a survival kit from a survival knife. *Date on pictures are wrong***Just added: back up set of keys to BOL and BOV.
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          244 views that is what I wanted to see happen.;) Maybe this is what it will take to put a fire under some peoples bums about putting together some sort of EDC bag or kit.:rolleyes: It also show that there are many ways to rig and stock a bag. I have noticed some trends though. 1st fat boy or fat boy styled bags. 2nd pocket ref guides ( wow ). But you guys showed me a gap in my gear, I need a monocular. It is cool how all of our bags share some version of the same gear, goes to show you great minds think alike.:cool: I will be the first to say that my bag didn't happen over night that it took some time to build it and see what worked and what didn't.


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            Sorry about this I just noticed I had no list of what is in my bag so here it is.

            contents of my Fatboy EDC. Top to bottom / left to right
            Center top = Velcro zip straps
            1st row – 2 pr sterile surgical gloves, instant ice pack, water proof pouch= trauma kit- QC, blood stopper bandage, field dressing, surgical masks, space blanket, wound shield, steri strips, scalpel , tweezers, pads. Water proof pouch 2 = general medical supplies- band aids, gauze, tape and stuff. Red case = OTC meds + band aids, hand sanitizer.

            2nd row- note book full of references, 3 full size glow sticks, 12 mini glow sticks, 1 red, 1 green led light, laser w/ led, Nebo led, red led heart strobe, 3 color clip light led ( goes on shoulder strap ), battery pack, Benchmade ERT, spool braided leader wire, red pouch= hyper light back pack, Swiss tool, P-38, mini vise grips, Spyderco dyad, knife sharpener, TI pry bar, red pen tac pen, electrolyte drink mix, crannies, peanut butter Mil spec cell phone.

            3rd row- Pocket Ref book, lighter, lens, fire steel, water proof matches, triple action Mace, carabineer w/ cord, personal trip wire alarm, compass, empty 1 gal Mylar bag.
            Missing are power bars and power gel and all the new para cord zipper pulls.
            There is still more room in the bag to add stuff and I can build out as needed but as it sits is how I carry it every day every place.
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              i used to have that same phone with nextel, and I loved it! You could beat someone to death with it! I got the reference book as a promo item with my maxpedition bag, it even says 'maxpedition' on the cover. I also have a monocular, will add it to the bag. Thanks for the idea!
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                The contest is officially closed. So here are the names of the 5 members that posted the EDC photos for the contest and it was a short list of name that went into the hat.:mad:
                Globalwarmer, Maric, Slowz1k, Echo2, Troubled Troubadour.:cool:I wrote each name on a piece of paper then balled it up and tossed it into a hat. I than had my daughter pull the name. So the winner is Troubled Troubadour. :DI have added some more to the swag pile like a Ruger Pro Staff ball cap and a Springfield Arms Pro Staff cap and a little more. Thanks to all of you who posted and all of you who have read this post. Troubled send me a PM of where you would like it sent and I will get it shipped by or before Wensday.


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                  Gratz to the winner. Sorry I missed this thread. Must have been started while I was away for work. I will however try to keep this thread alive by posting my current EDC.
                  This little bag goes into my work bag and when I'm not at work it comes out and is left in the car. Although I consider it an EDC it's really set up for a quickie hike and brew. I find that in my insane life I sometimes just need a break and 20 minutes under a tree with a hot cup of coffee goes a long way in recharging my batteries.


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                    Congrats Troubled Troubadour!!!!

                    And thanks Omegaman for sponsoring the contest!!!!

                    Nice bag Bother Bill. Where did you find it?
                    The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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                      Closing this as per Omegaman's request. Thanks for running an awesome contest!!

                      We might have to consider creating an EDC forum section

                      The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)