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NEW ARTICLE - LAND NAV Pacing & Ranger Beads

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  • maric
    Thanks H-minus. Good read, good info!

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  • slowz1k
    Great write-up H-minus!!!

    Thanks for taking the time to do these articles. It is greatly appreciated.

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  • PT945
    Thanks. great info.

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  • Snow Walker
    Once those of you learn how to identify your pace count it is helpful to write it down somewhere. It could be in a notebook or even on the back of your compass.

    Good article

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  • Diesel
    started a topic NEW ARTICLE - LAND NAV Pacing & Ranger Beads

    NEW ARTICLE - LAND NAV Pacing & Ranger Beads

    Another rock solid article from H-minus on pacing and ranger beads, good stuff!