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  • Pallet built home article

    I just reviewed the Pallet built home article on the Survival Magazine. It was outstanding. It gives me some good ideas for building outbuildings for my property.

    A Farm will normally have a barn size building is needed for keeping equipment and livestock feed under cover. Some barns go as much as 40-100 feet wide and over 250 feet long. Way too big for me.

    I was thinking last nite of smaller 3 sided buildings to put livestock feed (Hay) under cover but able to be moved to the pasture in little or no time at all if the shed was built right at the fence line to the pasture.

    You would need a 2 or 3 section gate so that you could get your tractor thru it to load up or off load bales/rounds of feed hay. It would save time and equipment.

    With enough overhang by the roof, your livestock feed would stay dry thru most storms. It would save time, money, and equipment usage.

    I figured to build a pallet 3 sided building 20' x 60' would take a minimum of 700 3'x6' wood pallets just for the sides. The large Roof necessities the use of 2x4"s. You would also need support structure beams to attach the pallets too.

    So does any one have a few hundred pallets laying around. About 700 to start????

    We currently use our big barn (Wood and stone) and too smaller out buildings (Metal) to do this job. They were there when we purchased the farm. Now the metal sheds are just about at the end of their life usage. I give us 4 more winters before the roofs give way. So I'm going to look into this idea.

    If we decide that the cost can be low enough, I will proceed, and send photos as we build them.