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Your job/where you are stationed

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  • Your job/where you are stationed

    I'll pop the cherry for this sub forum and get it started

    T2A674/ Charleston AFB, SC 373TRS/Det 5

    To sum it up I'm an C-17A fuel systems instructor/craftsman. We are the guys they showed on dirty jobs who climb through the wings of aircraft to fix leaks change parts etc. I haven't done it for a few years and now I am an instructor for both USAF, Canadian, Brits, Aussies, and soon to be NATO, Qatar, Hungary, Boeing and some others Air Forces.

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    Radioman in the US Navy, Stationed out of Norfolk Va. on board the USS America, which is now part of a wonderful artificial reef somewhere.

    I processed Secret and Top Secret Documents and played with antennas and stuff.


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      Recently Retired (24 Years Served) USAF MSGT
      AFSC 2A679A (Aerospace and Propulsion Technician)

      Served in Strategic Air Command (SAC Master Technician), Air Combat Command (ACC) and Pacifc Air Forces (PACAF).
      Primary Bases Served: Barksdale AFB LA (3 Tours), Davis Monthan AFB AZ and OSAN AB Republic of Korea.
      Wartime deployments included: Moron AB (Spain), Lajes AB (Azores), Diego Garcia (British Indian Ocean Territory).
      Spent some time as well in Germany, Bahrian and Guam
      Deployed for Desert Shield/Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom
      Supported operations for Kosovo theater ops and Iraqi Freedom.
      Worked on:
      B-52G and H model bombers
      KC-135A, E, Q, and R model variants
      Supported Navy NKC-135 Aircraft
      A/OA-10A Warhogs
      F-16B, C and D Aircraft
      Retired Duty Title: Specialist Flight Chief
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        Army Infantry Retired.

        Yeah, I used to shoot and blow things up


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          Now I do contract stuff; gotta stay busy.


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            I did calibrations, and meteorological maintenance in the Marines for 13 years. Worked in the fixed and rotary wing. Had a lot of fun!
            Last duty station was MCAS Yuma, AZ.
            In New Hampshire now, we just had a Free-stater elected as an official...Woooo-hoooo~!


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              4 Yrs. active duty USMC '85-'89. I was a combat engineer.( demolition, construction, landmines, explosives, etc.) Been to Okinawa, Korea, Jamaica, and beautiful NC. There's no place like home!


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                Originally posted by David M. View Post
                4 Yrs. active duty USMC '85-'89. I was a combat engineer.( demolition, construction, landmines, explosives, etc.) Been to Okinawa, Korea, Jamaica, and beautiful NC. There's no place like home!
                my ex-husband is and has been an engineer since 1998. He has been to Korea, Guam, Oki, NC, and now 29 Palms. When I was going to join the corps, that was my mos of choice. It is so well rounded. Very good knowledge to have!
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                  u.s. navy electronics technician 1986-1993. stationed at rota spain with amcc-3( mobile communication unit) when the van wasn't deployed, we were in charge of a portable backpack satellite communication system and went all over the med with it.


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                    Former AF, now Army

                    I was AF Security Forces/Combat Arms for about 15 years (lastly at the AF Academy) until I decided that I should go for the better retirement offered as an Officer. The AF said I was too old so I jumped ship for the Army; they took me right away and guarenteed me to go to OCS but now I am thinking about WOC; no MOS yet, that will come after OBC. Currently at Ft Carson, Colorado.


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                      AD Army Military Policeman. Came in in '90 right outta high school and spent the first 5 yrs as a Combat Engineer (lotsa CBT ENGRs around here!!) I have enjoyed the last 14 yrs as an MP. Haven't figured out what I wanna do when I grow up yet, so I've got at least a couple more years before I hang up my helmet.

                      Stationed at Bragg now (It's THE Center of the Universe)

                      Spent time bouncing around the world to fun and interesting places including
                      Johnston Atoll

                      Some of them have been multiple visits. Gotta keep it interesting!!!


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                        Okay, like others here, I'm retired Army (24 years). I was in Military Intelligence (I know, military and intelligence don't go together). Did time in Nebraska, 544th Aerospace Reconnaissance Technical Wing (I did 6.5 years in the Air Force before the Army), California (Defense Mapping Ageny), Fort Bragg, Germany, two tours in Saudi Arabia, Desert Storm, and finally Fort Huachuca. I am currently an instructor at the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Training Battalion instructing young soldiers to fly UAVs. I now have 38 years of federal service and anticipate retiring in two years when I hit 40 years total.

                        I want to thank each any every one of you that have served in the Armed Forces of this great nation.

                        My spousal unit is a contractor also working on Fort Huachuca and is involved with testing of electronic gear for the military.
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                          US Army 6 years. Stationed in Japan for 3 years and Turkey for 1. Commo specialist. Loved the Army. I had planned to stay for the career, butr my reinlistment officer recommended that I get out and make something of myself! He was a W4 and I listened to him. Sometimes I am sorry that I did!


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                            FT. Bragg

                            I'm a special forces medical sergeant. I came from 7th SFG and currently teach in a CQB course in SWC. I was also a cav scout for a few years prior to that in the 82nd ABN. My wife who shares this name was a deputy and a prison guard.
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                              USMC 1998-2002. 2/6 Golf Co. Infantry all the way. Got out to go to college and go back with a commission.... then life happened. Still miss it. Work in local law enforcement now. Semper Fi
                              "Live for something rather than die for nothing" George Patton