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The Electric Bike

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  • The Electric Bike

    This is something that has been interesting to me for awhile. Generally too expensive, too heavy, short ranges, slow speeds etc.

    But the thought is with a good wind, hydro, solar setup you could essentially have free transportation in a shtf or fuel crisis scenario

    I just recently found this company that has a bike that can do 86 miles! and pretty fast too. I have NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS COMPANY AND AM NOT RECCOMENDING IT, just something I cam across.

    Just a side note, thing I have noticed is you're stuck with whatever bike they want to give you, I know some aftermarket motor kits are sold and what not but this particular guy/site has a pretty sweet battery.

    Anyways check it out

    Also wondering what the drag/weight would do to the range if you were to pull a small wheeled cart

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    cool...We have pedal bikes for everyone in the group...and some spare parts...chains...tubes...etc....but that would be idea for cruising to the neighbors to check on things....any idea on $$$?
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      $1600/$1700 I think, did u watch the first video they just released a mountainbike with 85 miles range I think

      The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)


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        Just a side note from a serious cyclist like me.... (I've ridden 100 miles in under 5 hours with 3 stops to refill water bottles, it was Labor day and it was HOT) do you really need that long range for a bike? Most importantly make you sure you can recharge it if its all electric. You can get a small gas kit for a bike for under $200. But yes it takes gas and it makes noise. Also, you are VERY vulnerable on a bike and even a small child or dog can knock you over and cause serious damage. Just my 2 pennies


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          I bought this guys book. I think he has some youtube vids too...

          I was going to try it on a dirt bike..

          Introduction to The Secrets of El Ninja
          Smooth, fast, quiet, comfortable, clean, and economically smart—that’s what
          electric motorcycles are all about. In most locations, oil products are not used
          to produce the electric energy used for charging batteries, and the cost of running
          an electric motorcycle is less than one-third the cost of running a gas motorcycle.
          Plus, the amount of smog-producing emissions created when driving an electric
          motorcycle is zero.

          This book explains how to easily convert a gas motorcycle to electric power in
          your own garage with standard hand tools (no welding or machining required).
          It describes all the technology fundamentals, performance tradeoffs, and design
          decisions involved in converting a gas motorcycle. It then walks you through a
          straightforward and highly efficient example conversion of a 1987 Kawasaki
          750 sport bike, showing you "The Secrets El Ninja." As a bonus, this book
          also covers maintenance and repair of the electrical components of any electric


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            Originally posted by LanceM
            This is an older thread, but I'm all about reviving the zombie threads. I'm currently working on building a hybrid bike that is both electric and gas and can be pedaled as well. Anyone ever try something like this before? Here's my build plan. Has anyone tried this before? Any pitfalls or challenges I should avoid?
            Your link is broken.
            If it was man made it can be man re-made.


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              I am looking into an electric bicycle. A cargo model that can carry 400 lbs. It could recharge from my solar.

              If I could use it at least every other day to get to work or to the store I would pay for it in two years of saved fuel costs. Then I would have a powered device capable of hauling a significant load quietly and without commercial fuel.
              If it was man made it can be man re-made.


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                The Italians use 49cc Engine on a built up frame that goes 20mph and can be used as a bike. They have used them for years. Used one my self in Ca. Back in the 1980's. Got 50+ miles per gallon of gas.

                I have seen these electrical bikes on trails, their problem is they can not get up a steep slope. You have to push them up hill.


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                  people have become so damned lazy, man. The 3200 miles of the US has been crossed on a bicycle in 8 days, many times.


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                    Interesting concept, if "the balloon ever went up" and the WROL crisis was an EMP was the cause, would it still work? If the battery was disconnected when an EMP hit, would the bike be functional by reconnecting it? As we get older, we must consider alternative methods of travel to either get away from the area under crisis or our secondary location. If you are to travel any lengthy distance with your kit, walking should be your LAST choice, NOT your first. 400 lbs of gear or the operator and 200 lbs of gear could keep you alive for a considerable time.


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                      EMP & E-Bike: It isn't the battery that's most at risk but the motor control circuit. Be a really good idea to retro-fit back-to back Zener diodes across power rails to catch EMP-induced spikes, and also have spare control boards etc in shielded tin. Also charger etc.

                      My friends and I did 'artisanal robotics' using 'brushed' motors, whose 'spikes' killed our home-brewed control boards with embarrassing frequency. Back-to-back Zener diodes were just the start of our mitigation tactics...

                      Tangential, my brother worked with radar and field electronics, including 'walkie-talkies'. The latter would blow their board fuse every time a jet came over 'nap of earth' with radar and counter-measures 'hot'. So, his team replaced such 'blown' one-shot fuses with identically sized capsule bulbs as found in dolls' houses, panel-meters etc. If zapped, these simply glowed gently for a second or three, dissipating the pulse. And, at end of exercise, team changed them all back...