My family camps a lot, and lately it seems we've been getting more gear, or less space to carry it in... or both. I drive an old 95 explorer and my wife drives a Kia Sorrento... Not a a lot of room to carry gear for extended stays.
I have always loved the adventure, and expedition style trailers that have plenty of ground clearance for off road capability.... but don't have the budget buy one of those multi thousand dollar rigs. This is the newest addition to my prep family and is (in my mind) the next best thing to my dream expedition trailer!
It's a 3'X6' tilt (though I'll never use that feature) with 15" jeep wheels. I plan to eventually enclose it, and add tool and fuel can racks. It should make a good Bug Out Trailer as well as a gear hauler. (also might star in my INCH plan that I'm working on)