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BOV motorcycle

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  • BOV motorcycle

    I have an old Yamaha TW 200 dirtbike it is street legal it has an electric and kick start and it is 200 cc. Does anyone have any other BOV motorcycles if you do please share.

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    Someone else brought up this idea a few months back , you can probably dig around a little and find the thread. By the way welcome to the forum.
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      For fun, a Rokon 2wd, with the old 2 smoker in it, but even though it's entertaining, it's brutal over any distance. For long distance realities...XR400. Dirt simple, very basic, and reliable. Air cooled because I'm very familiar with what happens to water cooled bikes when you lay them down. 400cc because you really don't need anything more - it'll do 80mph (not fun on the street), carry an old fat guy (6'2", 235#) faster than he wants to go, can carry enough supplies for a week long trip easily, and can still do single track without killing me. If you're looking at more street use, go larger displacement. Just realize that it gets to be a real PITA when you're dragging that 365# bike out of the mudpit the tenth time. The TW200 is an excellent choice, as are the CT90's and CT110's. Plenty of other choices out there too.

      The XR400 I run has an Acerbis tank, gives me 300 or so miles range. I'll be putting an aux tank on there soon, should give me an additional 70 or so miles, and with some extra fuel bottles I can probably eke out 450 or so on the road, much less on the trail. I run two GPS units on there, one a trail gps (eTrex), one a road (Zumo). Every so often the roll chart holder goes on for events, but it could be adapted for strip maps too...hint hint. Other mods - skid plated, Moose Racing tube bag, rear tool bag, front number plate bag, enough tools to do all basic maintenance are always on the bike, bark busters, full street plate, 200 watt stator, I carry 13/14/15/16 tooth sprockets with me, additional chain masterlinks, and other mods I'm forgetting about.

      That TW200 is a terrific little bike, plenty of things you can do with it. Hang on to it!


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        Good info I'm going to have to look up the XR400

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