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SUper Gas Mileage

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  • SUper Gas Mileage

    This guy recently had another meeting to show his inexpensive HHO device to increase gas mileage. Here is the link for the article about the one he had last year.
    Up and Coming Weekly, News, Views, Arts, Entertainment,Local Paper, Fayetteville, North Carolina

    Sorry but you will need to cut and paste it yourself I can't get the link to work.

    Anyway this device is shown to dramatically increase fuel mileage. This should be extremely important for anyone that has to make a trip in thier BOV. Check it out.

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    Claims like this have been around for years . If this worked , one of the big three auto makers would have been all over this long before now.JMO
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      nah. I saw the set up on the guys truck and he cranked it up and let it idle and you could see it working due to the water bubbling. And people have been trying to years to get car manufactuers to do this but the government regulations would never let them. It wasnt a matter of the Big Three not wanting to do it but the government not letting them do it.:mad:


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        I don't doubt that, I doubt that your mileage will increase due to the fact that it takes more energy to extract the hydrogen from the oxygen than it produces. If you google HHO there will be thousands of hits on this subject, most stating that yes you can make combustible hydrogen from water, but its not enough to make a great increase in mileage. And all that moisture going thru the engine ,while it will clean any carbon deposits on your rings,valves and pistons, when it reaches that 02 sensor in the exhaust it's going to tell the computer to enrich the fuel mixture and there goes your savings. Not to mention that the richer fuel mixture will eventually clog the converter
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          Yea if you use it on the computer controlled engines the mileage is less. But the real massive increases occur when you use it with an older engine that isnt electronic ignition.


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            I have built a few electrolizers and have seen a fair amount of info on them, The technolgy is awesome but is aways away from doing anything big. If you want to get real data and good material go here you can view the work of these collaberators on youtube. My favorite thing to do with hho is blow things up
            Watch this!!


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              I pondered building one as well, did some research, and the MPG's just weren't there. Yes there is a increase in older carbureted engines, but it was minimal according to what I read. I did see one in the fender well of a Chevy....