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More Educated People...gnostic Wise Men..

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  • More Educated People...gnostic Wise Men.. we go again...Gnostic Wise men trying to control the Herd....Herding the cattle...the sheep.

    VMT...or Vehicle Mileage back again.

    The goal is to force everyone into public transport....and get the people to pay for their own demise...

    Here again...we have government trying to rig the marketplace......not let the people decide the marketplace..but instead government.

    Do you see a problem here with this non Free Marketplace.???

    Government wants to tax drivers by the mile. This bill from Darrell Issa could stop it (

    Government should never control the marketplace...

    I remember some 50 years olde man saying ..."Imagine if the government determined what kind of cars we drove. ...everyone would be driving a gray four door six cylinder Valiant ...with a manual shifter on the colunm...and an Am radio."

    Pretty much what public transport will be ..especially if you have a lot to carry. Do you really think public transportation will be safe or will it be awash in two legged wildlife.....even around the trasnsportation stops???

    Remember ...these same gnostic intellects wise men... want us disarmed and also the police disarmed as well.

    Catching on yet????

    This is herding addition to violating the free market economics.

    This is Ishmaelite bondage...

    They want us to be herded into public transportation....

    What are they doing about the " Assault Fentanyl Weapons" running loose all over this country and getting worse....much much worse.???

    Instead they want to herd Americans out of their liberty and freedoms and rig the free marketplace.

    Catching on yet.??

    If a government would deliberately rig the free marketplace...would they rig and election in order to control the herd????

    This is what Ishmaelites do. Be Warned these Ishmaelites.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,​
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    If public transportation is not available, are we charged the vehicle mileage tax? Of course, says you know who.

    This is what happens when a fox is in charge of the chicken coop.


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      Wow Tugaloo...

      This is what happens when a fox is in charge of the chicken coop.

      I had not thought of it in those terms but it is certainly a good fit.

      I am now thinking the same thing about these leftist blue states and their attempts at more gun control.


      That the Fox is in charge of the Hen House..

      I will remember that when I read more gun control articles....The Fox is in charge of the Hen House.

      And that also fits well with an Ishmaelite.

      And these Foxes/Deep Staters/Internationalists also want to control everything about the free marketplace...for us too.

      Not an Ishmaelite.
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        Similar situation here, with the push for 15 minute cities.


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          I firmly believe in gun control and practice often to keep my skills up. ;-)

          Anthony Dwayne McRae killed 3 and and left five others in critical condition. He used a pistol and slow Joe wants an assault rifle ban..


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            I had to look up what was a 15 minute i was not familiar with the idea...

            15-minute city - Wikipedia

            I am thinking that it is the end of suburbia.

            I am hearing stories that the cities of the future will not contain single dwelling homes...but sort of a bee hive...of apartments or town houses....those three story affairs we see sprouting up everywhere....but without gasoline vehicles...and possibly without any cars at all.
            The perfect bee hive.....ant farm.

            Not for me thanks.

            Not an Ishmaelite.


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              15 minute cities are popular today. Often, they aren't cities, they can be a large sub division with small stores and restaurants. Her daughter lived in one.
              It adds convenience, a place where up to a point, everything is close. Not for us, her daughter loved it.

              With so many people working from home living in multi family housing works for them, but not for us as we prefer being a lot more remote and continuing becoming more and more self sufficient.


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                My entire town can be crossed in 15 minutes, yet even now the town council wants us to be one of these urban cesspools. I wonder why, probably to make it easier for the addicts being bussed in. Occasionally i wish we could have a purge night, I'd like to see if it would change the demographics of the town, province, country.


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                  It takes me 25 minutes to get to town and with a population of less than 9K. There's not much here, but we don't need much.

                  The town council wants the so-called importance of being an urban cesspool. Do they have jobs to offer people to convince them to move there?
                  Unless one's income is disability or they are independently wealthy, they need an income. So, what does the town council offer?

                  I learned this when I worked SW of Ft. Bragg in a town less than 16K. It was difficult to hire talent because their wives didn't want to relocate there.
                  IMO, they are smoking dope.