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Wyoming strikes back

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  • Wyoming strikes back

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    Knowing our government.. First we all buy electric vehicles; then we'll see about building charging stations.

    California is a fine example..

    On Labor Day, California told its population to set their thermostats at 78 and do not charge their EVs. Quite a few States are having brown outs and rolling black outs and they are pushing buying more EVs.


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      Putting the cart before the horse is the issue. And yet they refuse to see the nose in front of their face. How's that for metaphors? The inmates of the loony bin are trying to alter the entire way reality works. I'm just waiting for the downtrodden snap. The hardened sites will go active at that time for many folks will be a shock.


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        The reason they can't see their nose is their head is inserted in their rectum and it's too dark to see.

        California is experiencing brown outs and black outs. Yet, the powers that be still want to shut down the El Diablo Canyon nuclear reactor. As suffering a severe drought, they will not refill their reservoirs because it will be bad for a small fish.
        Everyone knows someone who wasn't thinking about the risks and everyone has done it themselves.
        There's a decal on a lawnmower stating don't pick it up while running. Although, it sounds highly risky; yet, some people did it and lost fingers. IMO, that describes California's government.


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          Good Grief....Tugaloo....

          The reason they can't see their nose is their head is inserted in their rectum and it's too dark to see.

          Dont Candy Coat it!! .....tell it straight!!!!!!

          LOL LOL LOL!!!

          Not an Ishmaelite.


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            As I didn't say firmly in their rectum, I did try to candy coat it. ROFL