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  • truck passed inspection!!!!

    I have been devoutly avoiding and or procrastinating on getting my truck power steering pump changed out ...though I have had the pump and pully for about three months now....and the truck has been sitting around unrepaired for over a year.

    Talk about the P Word......I can be a very very devout Procrastinator....very devout.

    Good thing for me is that I have my scooters....and can ride them year round..

    However...I finally decided I needed to get out of my Lazy Boy recliner...and get her done!!!

    I went to get her inspected and needed to get one new tire which was done today to complete the inspection.

    Having passed the inspection I brought her home and installed the long and also short range ham radio antennas...four of them and low and behold.....I needed to catch up on how to work that Yaesu FT 100 d had been that long since I have operated it.

    I will figure it out by and by.

    This is now my primary bug out vehicle because of the extensive communications set up and I should never have procrastinated on it for that long.

    My car only has short range radios in it.

    On the other hand...I learned something new on U Tube today. I did not know that authentic "Texas Red Chili" was made with no beans. That is a new one to me. Reckon I need to get out more!!!

    My Lady Friend likes to watch a lot of those cooking videos on U Tube...and some of them can get you to salivating....drooling!!!

    I also learned on those Cooking Channels on U much one can spend on good cookware. That too was a new one for me to learn.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,


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    I understand being a procrastinator and I'm also an expert myself. LOL

    It took me months to get out of the recliner and install ceiling mounted safe racks in the garage. Next on the to do list is to install the rear windshield in the Polaris side by side. And the list goes on and on...

    I've never setup a FT 100 D. Does it have multiple antenna outs or is an antenna switch needed?
    With HF, a few antennas are needed or an OPEK tap antenna or something similar.

    I'm a DX-er, so at this point the QSLs I want to add, a lot of others have the same idea.

    So where do you plan to bug out to? IMO, it is wise to choose before there is a need to use it. OTOH, there might be competition for the spot you chose.

    We enjoy cooking different kinds of food here. She subscribes to cooking magazines and we find a lot of good recipes. The internet has a lot of cooking sites.
    What we discovered is usually a recipe needs adjusted for our tastes after we try it. A great kitchen tool is the Ulu.


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      By Tugaloo,

      Does it have multiple antenna outs or is an antenna switch needed?
      The FT 100d has two output for HF and the other for VHF/UHF.

      I have two HF antennas mounted on my truck on the back with a 75 meter coil....and I tune it for 40 meters.

      On the other side I have an antenna I use for 20 meters down to 10 meters...and I tune it as well.

      I have a small tuner box near the 5 speed shifter and a sheet telling me the settings for various bands.

      On the roof I have an antenna for 6 meters and another for 2 meters/70 CM.

      Have two different places available to which to bug out...but initial plans are to stay put here unless something catastrophic happens.

      Verily agree on adjusting recipes for your particular taste.

      I have seen the Ulu knife used on some of those kitchen shows but never thought abouts getting one ...

      My lady friend knows about them....but I know little. thanks for the heads up.

      Not an Ishmaelite.


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        Although, I do have VHF and UHF, it is more for the local club and repeaters than any serious use. I'm primarily pure HF, CW and DX.
        For HF, I have a tapped antenna, it is similar to the OPEK. It's decent and 2 of my HF rigs have a built in tuner. As one of my rigs
        One of the advantages of the tube rigs over transistor finals is they can be tuned to the antenna. Their disadvantage is they require AC, LOL. The transistor rigs are picky about 50 ohms. The tapped antenna gets it close and the AT, easily provides a close to perfect match.

        Our Ulu came with a hardwood laminated bowl that matches the blade perfectly. It chops or dices quickly.

        As only one side is sharpened, they offer a sharpener. Some sharpen both sides; however, I'm happy with it as it came. I keep my knives extremely sharp; so, they can be dangerous in the wrong hands. OTOH, dull knives are dangerous in anyone's hands. That's my opinion and in my kitchen, my opinion counts.
        Although I can handle "heat," I prefer tasting what I am eating..


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          ON VHF/UHF locally.... Before my friend left for Tennessee....we used to work a lot of 2 meter SSB...and verily enjoyed it.

          70 CM we did not bother with working it...on FM as well as SSB...but 2 Meters...we found that we verily liked working SSB.

          Now that my friend is in Tennessee....we work mostly 75 the evenings and in the days ...40 meters.

          Yes....2 meters/70 CM.....definitely for local use....

          Only on occasion have I found that 2 meters goes long....but not like 75 and 40 where near as long as those bands.

          I seldom work 20 meters...too many there running a lot of power....prefer when it goes..long to work 17, 15, and 12...occasionally 10 meters.

          But mostly now days...I catch my friend on 75 or 40 meters.

          Not an Ishmaelite.


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            VA to TN on 2 meters barefoot is quite a haul.

            I used to be one of a couple "hired" CW Ops for VHF contesting. The location was a cabin on a mountain top. The antennas were 2X 14 element and the same for UHF, but with more elements.
            The owner was a chef in a fancy restaurant in DC or northern VA. We were "paid" with fancy cooked meals. LOL

            A Ham with ethics only uses the power needed unless it's for rare DX. I was amazed just to have a QSO on 75 meters how many Hams are running an amplifier and some running legal limit.
            Years ago, 75 meters was crazy and since the no code licenses insanely ignorant. The FCC does very little or contributes nothing of value.


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              By Tugaloo....

              VA to TN on 2 meters barefoot is quite a haul.
     did not mean to give that impression Tugaloo.Most of our 2 meter SSB work was here locally .

              We use either 75 meters or 40 meters to make the trip to Tennessee. I found I can often make it to him on 3.610 MHZ on 20 watts. I do not need to be lighting up the neighborhood..running a lot of power....though I can so do. Actually Ameritron 811H Amp is getting arthritis from lack of use. I should take time to at least warm it up..

              Two meters..that would be a stretch. The only fellow I know who could approach that was Bonner Johnson WA4YOB with his co phased Yagis...high up on a Tower. May he rest in Peace.

              I have a 13 element two meter yagi...and used it in the vertical polarity. Often thought I would like to have two of them and put them on the same vertical and the other horizontal. It is now stored in the garage.

              For now on my base station I use my home made aluminum Dual band J pole up in a tree about 65 feet.

              Most of my long range work is on 75 or 40 meters.

     I picked up two cases of bottled went in the back of the pick up truck and the other here in the house.

              I have a similar case of water in the back of my car..... Just in case.

              Not an Ishmaelite.
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                Long distance on VHF or even better UHV is similar to LP QRP on HF.
                On that mountain the LOS was to the curve of the earth.

                A bud has an 811A amp and Ameritron is making a replacement tube. It's PN is 380-0811A. Bob said an easy replacement. Just a FYI if you ever need it.

                I have an old Amp Supply amplifier with 3-500Z tubes. Into a can it is over 1300 on CW. In all the years DXing, I've never hit a KW with it.

                Be careful with bottled water. The safest is BPA-free in heavy duty plastic containers. Best is non Bisphenol A containers and keep them out of sunlight etc.

                As it is both horizontal and vertical, I'd suggest circular polarization.


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                  Well after going out snowmobiling over the weekend, as I went to turn around at a juncture I hit a sheet of ice and jackknifed the trailer. It caused the trailer gooseneck to bend. It's a repurposed boat trailer that had a very long neck, so cutting of the 2ft to the bend wasn't an issue. My Miller buzz box has now decided not to wire feed, so grade 8 bolts and backing plates it is. I'll take it to a friends place whos welder is working and run some beads later when hes got time off.


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                    As Lincoln's haven't changed much over the years; so, yours might be easy to fix.

                    Older Lincoln welders use a 2 digit date code. If it shows 7 and a 5 that means 7th month and 5th year; is that 75 or 85?


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                      It's the wire feed motors plastic gears... New one ordered be here end of month- mid February ....


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                        Lincoln welders have been around for a very long time. Supposedly, they continue to stock parts for the older models.


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                          it's a 140, feeder motor plastic gears exploded , left Huston TX fridy!


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                            That is a real nice welder!! It will do whatever you need and more.

                            I did some forest exploring today. Found another spring and lots of game trails. I'm going to plant millet to keep the deer happy.


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                              That sounds like a win win you feed them, they feed you!