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my Scooters and the Options they afford me..

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    Arrg, Im dealing with that now. The in tank fuel feed hose broke on me, so now I have more room than a new car but less room than is required. So the seat need to be removed, steering rack loosened, oil and coolant tanks pulled out of the way. The worst part is that when it was last worked on somebody replaced metric fasteners with SAE, metric metric standard metric standard. AAAAHHHHHH!! well I'm off to the big city on Wed, so I'll see if they have the correct parts to do this.


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      This little gem, brings some small scale fun out to play. Street legal and decent preformance !


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        Looks like fun!

        .Basically and depending on manufacturer, I wear a 34" or 36" inseam in jeans and the same in shirt sleeves. I used to race Moto-X, Hare Scrambles and enjoyed riding in forests; however, I was limited to 400cc and up. Too durn tall to stand on the foot pegs.


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          Ahh the days before bar risers and custom cables. I can take this with me IN my transport , to get to the fun!


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            My Panhead (1948 to 1965) had 6" risers and a drag style handle bars. Very comfortable and steering was very quick.