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Simple Maintenance Tip for BOV

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  • Simple Maintenance Tip for BOV

    Fellow Survivalists,

    It doesn't seem true at first and it sounds like marketing genius-ry from Auto-Bell, but it is indeed true: A clean car runs better.

    To keep a car clean, especially underneath the vehicle, solves a lot of potential problems. Cleaning mud off of your wheels keeps the wheels balanced, prevents allignment problems, keeps dirt and rocks out of the break shoes and housing, and allows greater traction for fast moving and fast stopping as well.

    Cleaning the bottom of your vehicle keeps mud away from the drive shaft and universal joint, as well as the transmission. Also, keeping mud from accumulating underneath prevents the vehicle from harboring excess weight, which, of course, affects gas mileage.

    And, of course, if mud contains salt, as it does around beach areas and in areas salted during snow and ice, then cleaning the mud off prevents corrosion, which causes both mechanical and electrical problems in vehicles.

    Ever since I read all this in the most recent Backwoods Home Magazine, I upped my truck washings from once a month to once a week, rain or shine.
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