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What do you have in your 72-Hour Bag?

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  • What do you have in your 72-Hour Bag?

    What do you have in your 72-Hour bag?

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    I will post my photos next week of 2 different bags on this thread.
    You need to write up what items you have, and why you choose the items you did.


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      I keep Dave Canterbury's 5 C's, and a little bit more; Cordage, Combustion, Container, Cutting, and Cover. I also carry a compass, and cash, a complete change of clothes from the skin out, and a small sewing kit. I don't have water in the bag, but I have plenty of access, and methods to purify anything I might come across, including a sillcock key. Enough food for several days. Fire systems; Cook systems. Personal FAK; Flashlights, Headlamps, and spare batteries.

      From what I have read a "72" hour kit may fall short of what you need. A 5-10 day kit would probably be better, especially if you are expecting the government to get their house in order to provide aid or help. It could take them 5 days to get to you.

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        I don't exactly have a 72 hour bag. I have a Bail Out Bag (Yes, BOB) and it covers what I consider needed for SERE. The bag is a Hazard 4, Plan B Pack and only goes with me when I travel. The bag holds my 3 liter camel hydration unit, a change of cloths (minus shoe's), 2 methods for fire, 100 yards 550 cord, 2 blades (1 is a micro), small sewing kit, water tabs and a sawyer purifier, Garman Foretrax 401 GPS, maps, compass, lay overs, UV flashlight, small flashlight, 6 - 12 hour chemlights, leatherman tool, 6000 calories in freeze dried food, 1 camo stick, fishing kit, stainless steel mug, survival mylar 2 person bag, emergency poncho, My version of MK18 pistol in 5.56mm Nato (broken down) and 3 - 30 round magazines. I have a strip away IFAK (trauma) on one side and a admin kit on the other side which also contains back-up meds, couple of sharpies, a write in the rain pad and a spare pair of eye glasses. Plus what I would have on me as my EDC. This little bag has surprised me with everything it can haul

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          I'm in the middle of a fundamental shift regarding this situation, forcing me to re-evaluate that '72 hour' situation.

          After much review and discussion with the family, it's highly doubtful that we are going to leave our house for any reason, for the initial 7-10 days. If the situation is still ugly after that and we have to move, we are going to a secondary location where others will also be meeting up. We live in a rural area, small town, neighbors all know each other, so our situation is drastically different from a city person; we can safely stay at the house for a long period of time; water isn't an issue, and the likelihood of marauding . Our location is high and dry, and even if our house was destroyed, we would adjust with neighbors.

          The big shift I'm now making is adjusting the gear in the vehicles to reflect the two most likely scenarios: stranded away from home as a family, or stranded by myself and I have to get home. So I'm expanding what I carry in each vehicle, allowing us as a family to survive for several days, or for me to travel solo and get home. My commute sucks and worst case scenario I would have a 55 mile hike, but it would be mostly rural with good water sources along the way, so a simple Life Straw would get me by. Big plastic totes are coming into play as I now consider the vehicle as a base camp, if we get stuck as a family.

          Gives us something new to talk and argue about lol.
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            Carry a change of clothes in ours and keep a warm light WT coat handy change rations every six months 2gallons water and also a tarp +regular survive Al gear in 2 packs