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Worlds Best 4x4 you can own today

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  • Worlds Best 4x4 you can own today

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ID:	212178 Today I was on the web and came across this photo. Once you get over laughing You might take time to review just what it shows.

    Look now at the photo. Then continue reading.

    Yes I worked with Mules before in the USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center. It is in the Nevada Serra Mountains, with a starting elevation of 7,500 feet. Been used by the US Marine Corps since 1950.

    So what do you think? Easy on gas little maintenance and does not start to really work well until it's over the age of 10 years. They can last over 40 years. They carry up to 1/2 their weight, and can become a life long friend.

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    I love it. I have never owned a mule, but have had standard donkeys, and want to upgrade to a Mammoth.



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      I wish I had the cash for a good mule. They are expensive as horses nowadays. Haha! "Standard donkey"! A friend of mine had a miniature donkey. It was the funniest thing to watch! It would chase sheep, goats, kids!

      Not sure I would want to own a mammoth. Can you imagine the amount of poop you would have to deal with???? Hahahaha!

      I'm not a fatalist. I'm a realist.


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        That's a memory that hadn't thought of in a while. My Grandpa had a mule we rode, plowed with and skidded timber with. He would also bite the HE!! out of you every time he got a chance. LOL! I've worked a number of mules and donkeys over the years, including pack animal training in the army. It's a good skill to have, just in case. Thanks for the memory jog RICHFL!



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          dalewick - It did bring back a lot of memories.

          Several of the guys I once worked, with now use pack mules to work on National trail maintenance for the Forest Service, and Department of the Interior.

          They make great money an love what they do.


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            That is pretty good. LOL! Which I could have one, but not where I live.


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              Its my understanding that a number of Special Ops soldiers before posting to Afghanistan from a number of different countries, took courses on riding and use of pack horses before they deployed.