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WW2 Combat Veteran C-47 Plane WI Found ....

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  • WW2 Combat Veteran C-47 Plane WI Found ....

    interesting bit for a weekend read ..........

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    I'm not a fatalist. I'm a realist.


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      Hope someone gets to jump from it again before it goes in a museum.


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        Impressive. I think what is even more impressive is this young man, Andy Fancher. He's only 17 and a Sr in high school. He instills hope in me for this this next generation. This kid took on this self imposed project to record the stories and experiences of as many remaining WW2 vets that he can. So far I believe he's up to 55 and already something like 7 of them have passed away since he interviewed them.

        Well worth supporting and donating too. Here are some links to his sites and videos along with a recent interview he did on the Survival Podcast with Jack Spiko. If I didn't tell you he was 17, just listening to him speak you would think he's a man in his late 20's or 30's. IMHO, these veterans' stories will be even more important to our future generations than the antique machines of their long gone war.

        TSPC interview

        Andy Fancher on Facebook

        Andy Fancher Presents on Youtube
        I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!


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          Glad to see our past being restored. Lots of memories and stories to tell from it.


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            We live about 25 miles from Camp Toccoa; it is where the Airborne trained for D-Day. Currahee is the mountain; the 3 miles up and 3 miles down. In Cherokee, Currahee means Stand Alone.
            They are restoring a C-47.
            Currahee is the mountain and Camp Toccoa is where they trained.
            They are restoring WWII barracks.

            There is also a great military museum in the town of Toccoa.

            Do a search for Currahee Military Museum, Toccoa, GA then click images.


            The above is where some of them stayed in Britain. It was disassembled and shipped to museum and reassembled in the museum..