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I took a trip up an old mining mountain trail

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    That mountain hike sounds really interesting. Finding all that stuff in the cabins like that you might could learn some things as to how people lived in those days.


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      Unfortunately, The trail to the mining town was opened up. It used to be a 16 mile hike to get up there. Years ago, they made an actual road to about 2 miles to the lake and mine. It didn't take long for all those relics, I mean EVERYTHING, even the buildings were stripped of their wood. We had left everything as is when we visited. Sad.

      I'm not a fatalist. I'm a realist.


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        Buggy: I agree with CG. Keep a journal on your hikes, and a few pics. You would be a great contributor to all of the outdoor mags, Backpacker, Survival, Off Grid. We probably all read those.
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          The same thing happened up here in B.C. Used the be old 1800's cabins and was able to find old gold pans and lamps. Go back there few years later and everything is completely gone.