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Ultimate BOV?

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  • CountryGuy
    One of these bad boys would be nice...


    Or go with the bigboy


    Plus both diesel so could possibly brew up bio fuel to keep em running.

    I had my eye on an old M37 my dad had that someone swapped a 350 Chevy into but he ended up trading it to a guy before I knew he was looking to get rid of it.

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  • Stitch
    I have a 1984 M1008 CUCV 4x4 with a 6.2 diesel. I can run it off of transmission fluid or WVO if necessary. It is mechanically injected. It has 4:56 gears. It currently has just under 35,000 miles on it. It does not have heated seat, a/c, cup holders or a radio.

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  • hminus
    This is the best I can do on a limited budget. 1980 J-20. 1980 Jeep J20 - Full Size truck, 3/4 ton
    ALL STOCK 360 V8 with 4 speed manual trans - Dana 44 disk brake front end, Dana 60 rear end. Front lockers.

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  • Jerry D Young
    It'll do, barring EMP.

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  • Diesel
    I bet you have it tricked out ;)

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  • Jerry D Young
    Sorry, no. I'm limited to my 1999 GMC Sonoma Highrider at the moment. But one of these days...

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  • Diesel
    great post jerry so I'm assuming you have this? Pics please? ;)

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  • Jerry D Young
    This is not a minimum list. Not really even a maximum list. It's more a pick and choose list of what I consider desirable options for a PAW BOV. Most of it really isn’t needed for a simple BOV. This is more for the PAW. One where about the only fuel will be biodiesel and alcohol, only salvage parts can be found, and there will be no tow-trucks to come get you. Suitable for off-road and badly deteriorated roads that probably won't get better. Options to get you through places not otherwise traversable and to recover a few useful items that might be needed or wanted.

    (A 4500 or 5500 series GMC/Chevy medium duty commercial truck would work equipped the same way as the custom build)

    1-ton Chevy pickup truck 167” wheel base frame
    reinforced/gussetted frame
    skid plates
    rock sliders
    roll cage
    extended/extra fuel tank(s) w/safety linings
    all wiring in chassis grounded metal conduit

    12 valve mechanically injected Cummins 6BT diesel engine w/high performance fuel plate & injectors, custom Whipple Twin Screw supercharger, custom 4” high flow exhaust w/super quiet mufflers

    ZF-6-650 6-speed manual transmission
    Borg Warner transfer case w/locker
    PortalTek G3 1½ ton portal front & rear steering axles w/lockers
    Remco front axle driveline disconnect
    Sonnax front axle driveline overtorque protection
    Remco rear axle driveline disconnect
    Sonnax rear axle overtorque protection
    Stazworks 4-wheel hydraulic steering system w/mechanical rear steer lockout
    HD suspension/steering components (4” lift)
    HD/Oversize 4-wheel high capacity disk brakes with booster
    35” bead lock run-flat tires

    custom twin cyclone engine air pre-filter
    engine air intake snorkel
    K&N engine air filter
    exhaust gas snorkel
    set of vent snorkels
    Evans NPG+ waterless coolant
    HD/oversize radiator w/twin electric fans
    HD engine oil cooler
    HD transmission cooler
    HD hydraulic oil cooler
    special mounts for extra gen, air compressor, on-board welder, hydraulic pump
    2 - GM 12v generators (instead of single alternator)
    Dual HD starting batteries
    HD deep cycle battery
    battery isolator
    110v/220v inverter
    air compressor w/tank
    hydraulic pump w/tank
    On Board Welder
    Power steering pump
    A/C compressor

    Stretched ¾ ton Suburban body or 1-ton crew cab & long box
    custom roll cage
    custom cockpit w/dual captain’s chairs
    custom dash w/duplicate mechanical/electronic systems
    custom floor console w/all wheel steering control
    custom roof console
    custom passenger/navigator station w/faraday cage protected laptop computer
    custom HD dual arm windshield wipers w/air brush function (for volcanic ash)
    custom rear Dutch doors (on Suburban)
    American Safe Rooms vehicle air filter system w/custom cyclone HVAC pre-filter

    heavy duty front bumper w/2" hitch receiver
    tow bar
    brush guard
    roller fairlead winch mount
    12,000# hydraulic winch w/tensioner and stowing protector
    bumper tool box (tree protectors, cable damper, 100' 3/8" extension cable, clevis', shackles, snatch blocks, tie-offs, etc)
    spare tire mount
    fire extinguisher mount w/20 # fire extinguisher & cover
    tool mounts (short handle round point shovel, pick/mattock)
    fog lights
    high intensity driving lights
    air, 12vDC, 110v/240v AC, hydraulic, welding lead outlets
    tie down/tow hooks/rings
    approach/brush/sapling roller

    heavy duty rear bumper w/2" hitch receiver
    roller fairlead winch mount
    12,000# hydraulic winch w/tensioner and stowing protector
    bumper tool box (tow strap, cable damper, 100' 3/8" extension cable, clevis', shackles, snatch blocks, tie-offs, etc)
    fire extinguisher mount w/20 # fire extinguisher & cover
    Pull-Pal winch anchor
    stake down type winch anchor w/stakes
    high intensity backup lights
    swing away spare tire/tool/jerry can mounts (16# double jack, axe, 2 - jerry cans diesel, 1 jerry can gasoline, 1 jerry can water)
    air, 12vDC, 110v/240v AC, hydraulic, welding lead outlets
    tie down/tow hooks/rings
    approach/brush/sapling roller

    roof rack (Suburban)/cab-over pipe rack (pickup)
    roof rack ladder(s)
    remote control spot/flood light
    high intensity spot & flood lights (front/rear/alley)
    solar battery charger panel
    PA speakers
    elastic cargo net
    strap cargo net
    custom lay over antenna mounts
    spare tire mounts
    tool mounts (Hi-Lift Jack, telescoping ladder, articulating ladder, long handle round point shovel, wall climbing/recovery pole, railroad bar, Stanley Demolition bar, 42” bolt cutters, cribbing timbers, traction pads, thermal lances, set bridging ramps w/deployment & recovery gear)

    Mechanics tool box w/extensive hand tool kit
    Parts box w/extensive set of spare parts
    Set of hydraulic powered tools
    Set of air powered tools
    6 ton chain fall
    1 1/2 ton chain fall
    2 ton cable come-along
    2 5-ton bottle jacks
    Porta-power hydraulic system
    chainsaw support kit
    burning bar support kit
    oxy/acetylene torch kit (vented case in cargo compartment if Suburban)
    self contained 2,000,000 watt spot light
    set of wheel chocks

    Pre-packed cargo containers for pickup bed
    Pre-packed cargo containers for Suburban
    Pre-packed cargo containers for roof rack
    Pre-packed cargo container for receiver hitch
    Pre-packed companion trailer (same year pickup bed trailer w/cover and/or rack)
    Pre-packed custom tandem wheel trailer
    Barge trailer with outboard motors

    Primary Communications fit:

    AM/FM/Satellite/CD/DVD/TV Video system
    NWS EAS SAME receiver
    Dakota Alert M538-HT short range handheld radio (6)
    Motorola HT 750 Business Band Low Band Handheld radio (6)
    Bearcat BCD396XT PS Band scanner w/Hustler MRM mobile scanner antenna
    Cobra 148GTL AM/SSB CB mobile w/Wilson 5000 Roof B mobile CB antenna
    Motorola CDM-750 Business Band Low Band transceiver w/Wilson 5000 Roof B mobile CB antenna cut to BB
    Yaesu FT-8900R 10m – 70cm VHF/UHF amateur, mobile w/Diamond 8900A 10m – 70cm mobile antenna w/mount & coax
    Yaesu VX-8R 6m-70cm VHF/UHF amateur radio, handheld (4)
    Yaesu FT-897D HF transceiver, portable w/KJ&U KW 6 – 160 screwdriver mobile HF antenna & Yaesu ATAS 120 w/mount, triplexer & coax

    Some optional radios

    Motorola CDM 1550 low band HF business band radio w/Wilson 5000 Roof B mobile w/Wilson 5000 CB antenna cut to BB frequency
    Motorola HT-1250 low band business band radio, handheld (4)
    Motorola CM 300 VHF 32 channel 45 watt business band radio w/gain antenna
    Motorola CP 200 VHF 4 channel 5 watt handheld (4)
    Motorola CM 300 UHF 32 channel 45 watt business band radio w/gain antenna
    Motorola CP 200 UHF 4 channel 4 watt handheld (4)
    Furuno FS1503EM SSB marine Band HF/SSB mobile radio w/KJ7U KW 6-160 screwdriver antenna adjusted for marine band
    Furuno FM3000 marine band VHF mobile w/Wilson 2m mag mount (cut to Marine band)
    Standard-Horizon HX471S handheld VHF marine band radio
    ICOM IC-A200 mobile airband radio w/mount & antenna
    ICOM A24 airband handheld radio

    Some additional ideas:

    all conventional vehicle lighting on hidden auto/off/on switch/relay panel
    high output disruptive sound & strobe light system
    gag-gas dispenser system
    Railroad track guide rollers
    Rammer/pusher bars on bumpers
    Hanging chain tire armor/deflection system
    Central tire inflation system
    Service body w/basket lift/material handling arm
    Custom body on a Chevy/GMC 5500 series 4x4 chassis

    Some over the top possibilities:

    Infra-red driving lights w/night vision goggles
    6x6 conversion
    Radiator armor with air flow deflector panels
    Body armor w/gun ports
    Window armor w/gun ports
    Engine compartment/radiator armor
    Oil slick, smoke, riot control gas, & caltrop dispensers
    Electrical shock exterior wiring system & generator
    Razor edge body edge trim
    External fire suppression system
    Anti-grenade/Molotov cocktail/RPG chain link fencing stand-off system

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  • das
    Lol, yeah same here but very cool for crossing rivers that Texas has PLENTY of as you know. Though not so much in West Texas I grant you!

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  • Rustyshakelford
    Originally posted by das View Post
    Or go the geek route with this jeep.

    Cool, I want one!! Wait....I live in a friggin desert!!

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  • das
    Or go the geek route with this jeep.

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  • Rustyshakelford
    One word!!

    Pirahana!! Yeah..I looked at one.

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  • Diesel
    except for a few things far less storage ability, cant bring people with you, vulnerable to being pulled out of it, or punched or having items thrown at you, and no shelter.

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  • Crezzyman
    I'd much rather have an off road buggy. Say a mild 454ci BBC, Dana 60 front axle, 14 bolt corporate rear axle, with 38" tires. Engine should be putting out about 500HP and more torque with EFI to be capable enough for my taste. Enough room for plenty of gear and extra fuel. Would get you anywhere you needed to go and then some. Custom tube chassis would allow for infinite possibilities to suit specific needs.

    If you left a paved road in one of those things you'd get stuck about instantly. 10 tons and tiny tires.

    Good for zombies, bad for getting to remote places.

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  • bug_out
    started a topic Ultimate BOV?

    Ultimate BOV?

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