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  • UAV's

    A good video on the militarys variety of UAV's

    Any thoughts?
    Watch this!!

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    There's a new UAV being tested in my neighborhood (literally), launched from a nearby base, pretty cool to see up close...wish I had a receiver that could decode its images (2GHz).

    Scary? Yes, perhaps a little. But interesting nonetheless.


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      Ammo Trailer...

      Anyone out there have a M-416 ammo trailer? I have been fortunate enough to recieved one in decent shape for free. It still has the pintle hitch and also a ball coupler built over it to accomadate various vehicles. I will be pulling it with a 95 YJ that currently has a 4cyl. The Yj will be getting a repower with an inline six. Need info to make a camping/bugout trailer with this thing. I have looked on the net and it looks doable to convert it.:confused: