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    Trying to post pic from tablet.
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      Here is my get home vehicle...

      Click image for larger version

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      I am doing the snorkel modification tomorrow. I may not bug anywhere, but I'll look bad!
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        I wished I could afford some huge, black rig that looks like Bruce Wayne built it, but that's not within my grasp. My BOV is a mid-70s K5 Blazer - pretty much stock. Got a fresh motor and transmission, good tires, tinted windows - it can pull a 6000 lb trailer easily, fits 5 and a dog with BOBs, guns, ammo. Very little electronic to go wrong with. If it were not for having a trailer in my plan, I'd go with a 90s XJ.

        I pretty much agree with this article


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          I am new to the whole survival thing by 1 year. I have already bought a SHTF truck to build. I own a 1979 F350 4x4 that is already a beefy truck from the factory. Other than doing an engine and transmission swap, some bodywork, and a few odds n ends it will be a joy to drive.


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            It has been a while since I last visited this thread. I have come up with some additional ways to save money for a group move. A little known fact is that school buses have reinforcement in both it's sides and roof. I'm not saying buy a used bus for that bug out vehicle but a bus solves many problems.

            1. A bus can move massive amounts of people and gear.

            2. Used buses are available by your local school district.

            3. The interior can be modified as a DIY project.

            4. Most buses now run on diesel.

            What do you think????


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              I have even seen old buses turned into some great looking campers.


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                When you start building a Bug Out vehicle you have to consider where you are going to keep it, and how you are going to access it. If you have property, and an area for storage, fine. Living in a subdivision or an apartment storing any vehicle will be a problem. I doubt that your neighbors will take to kindly to a school bus parked in the driveway. Most subdivisions probably have by-laws forbidding that. Another question I would ask: is this something you are going to drive every day, or store until SHTF? I you store it do you have access 24/7? Can you get it out by yourself? How far away is it stored, and how do you get there? Do you visit regularly to make sure the battery is charged, and it will start? Just things to think about.

                As much as I would love to have a nice RV fully stocked and ready to go, I have to look at the more practical aspect of making do with what I have. Packing BOB's and extra gear in portable containers that can be loaded quickly into the family car is a more plausible option. We can get everything into a small SUV which we keep on the driveway, and be ready to evacuate for several days in under 30 minutes.
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                  Trying to evacuate around here will be hard. If you try to get out on rt.17 off from where I live it is bumper to bumper for miles. One of the reasons I want to move is because of traffic getting worse and worse and more houses just keep going up and now with rummers of section 8 housing going up behind our local food lion store. Not good. We willl be fighting this. We are going to be taking the back roads and will need a better car than the one we have but will work. Can't afford to buy another one right now with air conditioner on last leg. My daughter has a camper that sleeps 10 or more and two tents. They go camping a lot. That rabbit above looks like it would be a good one but would have to try to find one for sell.


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                    Originally posted by RICHFL View Post
                    Photo number 8 is a mad max version of SHTF! Someone had too much time, and money, on their hands for that project.
                    I believe that this is just a joke of Russian survivors. This is ZIL130, which is used to transport soil, sand or stones. Has a small speed. The Russians simply attached to it the props for laughter. Such weapons are prohibited for private ownership in Russia.

                    I would have thought that the cost of about 5 thousand dollars: an old truck, an imitation of weapons and tires. Including 1 thousand dollars is the cost of tires.

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                        The whole reason for this thread was two fold:

                        1. For the new people it gives them some ideas of what can be done. Also the terminology we use on these threads they might not know.

                        2. It is to make you think out-side-of-the-box. Look for alternate forms of transportation in case it is needed.


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                            Originally posted by AGK View Post
                            I believe that for survival, you can create so many "threads" that the entire forum will collapse

                            The difference in Russia and America:
                            1. Americans build their cars on
                            - Jeep, bearing body
                            - trucks
                            - America does not produce off-road cars, because Americans like simple pontiacs

                            2. Russians build their cars on:
                            - supporting frame

                            I believe you chime in too quickly about what Americans like, how our vehicles are built, and you show ignorance of our ways.

                            Our offroad vehicles are built on frames, with the notable exception of the XJ (Jeep Cherokee).

                            So maybe you are unclear on your information, or your communication.

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