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Just a few books I have been reading.

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  • Just a few books I have been reading.

    I have been reading some rather nice books lately and thought they may be of some use to this site.

    Primitive skills and crafts / BY:Richard and Linda Jamison

    :) SURVIVAL How to prevail in hostile environments / BY: Xavier Maniguet

    Encyclopedia of Outdoors & Wilderness Skills the ultimate A-Z guide for the adventurous / BY Chris Townsend & Annie Aggens

    :) Shelters,shacks,shanties and how to build them /BY: D .C . Beard

    :D Living off the land /BY: Chris McNab

    :D :D Man vs Wild survival techniques from the most dangerous places on earth /BY: Bear Grylls (Watch Man vs Wild on Discovery Chanel)

    Farming for self-sufficiency independence on 5-acre farm /BY: John & Sally Seymour ( John has many more books out the by him ,might be worth a look.)

    Native American crafts and skills A fully illustrated guide to wilderness,living and survival /By: David Montgomery

    :) Ultimate guide to wilderness living surviving with nothing but your bare hands and what you find in the woods / BY: John McPherson and Geri McPherson

    I have learned a lot from them. I wish I owned all of them ,but alas I must return them to the library soon.
    Hope this helps any one looking for books to read on survival.

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    Thx, Momma. A couple of those look right interesting!
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      Wow Momma, I was wondering where you had run off to, now I know you have been curled up with good books! Thanks for the list!