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can you control your mind?

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  • can you control your mind?

    the first half of the Alone Tv show challenge's 100 days is a lark. So it's the second 50 days, spent "holed up" in the little debris shelter, 4x4x7 ft, triangular shape, basically a cocoon of debris and tarp, that's the really tough part. Can you handle 7 hours at a time with nothing but mental constructs to occupy your mind? I have done so for many months at a time, and without pay. So if i'm clearing $1000 an hour as I do so, I can laugh at the "difficulty" of having to do so. Those who cannot will have to catch 50% more food, or they'll lose 50% more bodyfat. than I will. 200 lbs more fish (each) would easily have gotten both of the ladies of season 7 to 100 days. and 100 lbs might have done so. it certainly would have done so for Callie, since she came within 10 days of her goal, while Kielyn tapped out at 80 days. Since my way gives you a full month of netfishing with a full 1800 sq ft of 1.5" netting, it's inconcievable that you can sweep a seine thru 200,000 cubic feet of heavily baited water per day, in a lake well-proven to be full of BIG fish, and not catch at the very least 3 lbs of fish per day. with 300 sq ft of seine and 4 big, baited net traps. it's much more likely that you'll catch 40 lbs of fish per day, not 4!

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    if someone cant control their mind then they will have a lot of trouble post SHTF.
    lots of people here going nuts because of the several lock downs all going on about their "mental health".
    most people arent used to being alone for long periods, its the human "herding" instinct.
    being alone is my natural state.


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      never has bothered me any, especially when I had a silenced .22lr handgun and could go hunting. in the artic, I'd have to settle for a slingbow, shooting ice balls at snow men, I suppose, But making a clear $900 per waking hour is easily enough to entertain me for 50 days.


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        I think most of these "shows" are fixed.
        I'm talking about real life post SHTF not some tv show.


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          nobody's had any experience with the sort of shtf we'll have. The world has never been so lacking in non-hybrid seeds. there will be no livestock, no fish or game, within 2 months of shtf. Most of your fantasy bs wont work. Nobody in the lower 48 states or anywhere in UK is more than a night's motorycycle ride and a night's hike from MANY millions of people. In the US, there' 400 million guns. About half of them are worthless for fighting, being pocket pistols, single shots, bolt actions, shotguns, but that's still one gun for every able bodied person over the age of 12. and still able to walk a few miles. Most will suicide in a few months, over what they've lost and what they'll have to do.