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how fast and accurate are you?

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  • how fast and accurate are you?

    I can toss up a couple of soda cans, draw from concealment and hit both of them in the air, about 3x out of 4 tries. To do this, I "cheat" a bit, tossing the cans with my left hand, while having my right hand in the pocket, on the butt of the pistol. However, nobody pays any attention to a guy with his hands in his pockets! :-) Drawing too soon can get you charged with brandishing, or worse, felony aggravated assault. A man can charge you, standing start and be all OVER you in 1.0 second, from 10 ft away and that distance or closer is the range at which civilian crap starts by far the greatest % of the time. I've pointed a gun at men 6x in my life and they all froze in place. But if they are too close to you when the gun comes out, or they dont see it in the dark, or you're too slow, then you have to fire and it's going to cost you 50k-500k to stay out of prison and 'un-sued". Just ask the kid with the AR who shot those 3 pos's who were trying to kill him. He had to post a million $ bond in order to get out and 10% of that will never be seen again. it's the bondsman's fee. He sat in jail for months and like George Zimmerman, he'll probably never be able to hold a job again. Nobody wants to risk having their biz burned down cause they hired him.