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Finding the balance

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  • Finding the balance

    I love going back and reading old threads and the conversations. It's interesting to read the threads on skills, gear and the benefits of both. Made me think of how to find the best balance. Many of us try and allocate a certain amount of resources each pay period/month to build up our gear and supplies, work on communication with family and friends, look to update and adapt plans. But I have to admit that outside of purchasing a couple new books, my emphasis hasn't really been on developing skill sets.

    How are others doing it.....adding to their skills? And what is the balance? There is a farm not too far, that holds classes on topics such as primitive wood working, black smithing, leather working and others. Perhaps more emphasis might be placed on stocking those items nearly impossible to make or duplicate in critical situations (medicines, tools) and add more raw materials into the mix? If you had the skill sets, that might be the way to go.......if you had the skill sets.

    How are others considering the balance and working on it?
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    At my age and the age of my husband we just do what we can. We are well stocked on food and water. But our well is electric pump and we need to fix that situation. There are things we know how to do and have the materials to do it such as the septic situation and such. But in a close nit neighborhood and being on a corner lot we don't have the privacy we need to do some things right now but have what we need when and if the time comes. We can get things going within about 10 days and be set for a while if we decide to stay put. Daughter is moving next year and looking to buy about 2 or 3 ackers of land in the country. There will still be neighbors but not on top of each other. Looking for a place where we can fish, have water source. and some hunting. She thinks she found a couple of places but need to check if they will perk. Not sure of price yet. The two places are very close together so we might just be buying a lot there as well. She is talking about us putting one of those tiny houses on each of the lots. Might come in handy to have something like that. We have been trying to find the perfect place but so far it has not been an easy task. But we will get there. In the mean time we are just preparing to bug in.


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      Lalakai: You pose an interesting question. I believe I have all of the gear I need. There might be a few holes, but those would be "wants" or "better thans" rather than needs. I wish I had a place where I could learn skills like the farm you mentioned. It would be fun and beneficial. There are probably several that are close to me, and I have never looked.

      IMHO the balance would be 50-50. Skills can never be taken away from you. They won't break, and they won't get lost, stolen, or borrowed. Gear certainly makes life easier. A really good set of tools will be invaluable if you can't get any more. Even if you don't know how to use them there may be somebody in your group who can use them and teach you. I would think primitive woodworking and leather making would be essential skills. I know I don't have the skill set to make tools.

      I have read scenarios where in a WROL situation smart criminals (that is probably an oxymoron) would commandeer the local hardware store. It was food for thought if nothing else. While everybody else is raiding the grocery store, it would be wise to go to the hardware store, and get what you can.

      Good Post! Thx.
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        To have a great balance everyone involved in your group must be cross trained in other special needs areas.

        1. Every one has to be accomplished at the use of all firearms used by your group.

        2. Special needs areas include:

        A. Medical/hygiene/sanitation

        B. Water treatment/trash disposal

        C. Farming (In all areas including live stock)

        D. Construction/heavy equipment operation (This includes building additional living space).

        You have to be able to use the gear you have on hand including a good chainsaw where you need to become an expert with it!


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          I always thought that it was important to keep yourself healthy as possible. This doesn't mean becoming a buff gym guy but just keeping up dentist visits and exercising regularly. I meet locals that are of similar mindsets and can't help but notice that they aren't in good health.
          Just my 2 cents.